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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2009Ant Colony Optimization Based Software Component RetrievalBhatia, Rajesh; Khode, Sandeep G.
8-Jul-2011Automated Test Case Generation for Polymorphic Call-SitesBhatia, Rajesh; Verma, Karun; Bansal, Anshu
23-Oct-2015Design and Development of an Efficient Software Clone Detection TechniqueSingh, Maninder; Bhatia, Rajesh; Rattan, Dhavleesh
16-Aug-2018Development of an Efficient Semantic Code Clone Detection TechniqueBhatia, Rajesh; Singh, Maninder; Tekchandani, Rajkumar
14-Jul-2011Hybrid Technique for Object Oriented Software Clone DetectionBhatia, Rajesh; Tekchandani, Raj Kumar; Sharma, Yogita
10-Sep-2010Interaction Based Software TestingBhatia, Rajesh; Kumar, Rohit
7-Jul-2011A Novel Approach of Dynamic Slicing and Debugging of Object Oriented ProgramsBhatia, Rajesh; Verma, Karun; Jain, Paritosh
21-Jul-2011A Novel Approach of Forward Dynamic SlicingVerma, Karun; Bhatia, Rajesh; Goyal, Deepak
29-Oct-2018Regression Test Case Generation Technique Using Mobile AgentsBhatia, Rajesh; Arora, Pardeep Kumar
31-Oct-2017Slicing Technique for Test Path Generation in Concurrent ProgramsBhatia, Rajesh; Singh, Maninder; Arora, Vinay
19-Apr-2007Software Component Clone DetectionBhatia, Rajesh; Brar, Shivdeep kaur
8-Mar-2007A Synchronization Algorithm for Distributed Time Stepped Simulation: An Application to WargameBhatia, Rajesh; Taneja, S.B.; Grover, Pooja
2009Testing Functional Requirements using B Model SpecificationsBhatia, Rajesh; Gupta, Amit