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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Jun-2016ANDROID BASED VEHICLE TRACKING SYSTEMBhatia, Parteek; Bhargav, Abhinav
12-Aug-2011Cascading Style Sheet Styling Issues for Punjabi LanguageBhatia, Parteek; Mittal, Swati
2-Aug-2011Creation of Punjabi WordNet and Punjabi Hindi Bilingual DictionaryBhatia, Parteek; Rattan, Rekha
22-Jul-2015Cross Exchange Arbitrage Algorithm on High Frequency Trading PlatformBhatia, Parteek; Arora, Vinay; Puri, Jasmeet Singh
Jul-2009Customer Relationship Management and Location Based Services with Oracle Spatial DatabaseBhatia, Parteek; Sridhar, Belgam
3-Aug-2018Data Analytics for Employees Dashboard to Improve Efficiency and Performance of EmployeesBhatia, Parteek; Kaur, Rishamdeep
14-Aug-2018DESIRE: Deep learning Enabled System Integration for Retinopathy EvaluationKaur, Sanmeet; Bhatia, Parteek; Kalra, Karan
Jun-2009Dictionary Based Mobile Phone Application for Punjabi LanguageBhatia, Parteek; Singh, Varinder pal
31-Aug-2010Enabling the Disabled with Translation of Source Text to BrailleBhatia, Parteek; Singh, Manzeet
2-Aug-2011English to Hindi Statistical Machine Translation SystemBhatia, Parteek; Singh, Varinderpal; Sharma, Nakul
13-Aug-2010English to Punjabi Statistical Based Machine Translation SystemBhatia, Parteek; Singh, Gagandeep
30-Jul-2015GPS Based Vehicle Tracking SystemBhatia, Parteek; Singla, Leeza
12-Aug-2011Hindi Language Interface to DatabasesBhatia, Parteek; Jain, Himani
20-Aug-2012Hindi Text To Speech SystemBhatia, Parteek; Gupta, Shruti
27-Jun-2016Information Retrieval System using UNL for Multilingual Question AnsweringBhatia, Parteek; Goel, Kanu
20-Aug-2012Lexico-Semantic Relations for Punjabi WordNetBhatia, Parteek; Narang, Ashish
22-Jul-2015Multilingual Text SummarizationBhatia, Parteek; Sherry
9-Aug-2013NLization of adjectives conjunctions determiners and verbs with EUGENEBhatia, Parteek; Singh, Harinder
1-Aug-2013NLization of Nouns, Pronouns, Prepositions and Sentence Structures with EUGENEBhatia, Parteek; Verma, Ashutosh
14-Aug-2015A Novel Approach to Color Constancy using Vector Filtered Edge WeightingBhatia, Parteek; Rani, Anu