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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Aug-2015Customization of Black Box Complexity Metric for Component Based SoftwaresBhalla, Vinod Kumar; Rani, Deeksha
7-Aug-2014Design of Contemporary Exploratory Testing Algorithm and MetricsBhalla, Vinod Kumar; Hooda, Nishtha
28-Aug-2019Development of an Abridging Algorithm for Intrusion Detection SystemSingh, Raman; Bhalla, Vinod Kumar; Garg, Sheetal
3-Aug-2017Economical Approach for Home Automation and SecurityBhalla, Vinod Kumar; Singh, Abhshek
24-Jul-2015Extending C & K Metrics suite to determine and analyze the maintainability of JAVA projectsBhalla, Vinod Kumar; Nagar, Piyush
3-Aug-2017Fingerprint Template Protection using Encrypted Fuzzy VaultBhalla, Vinod Kumar; Dhillon, Shamsher Singh
7-Aug-2014A Framework for Improving the Concept of Cyclomatic Complexity in Object-Oriented ProgrammingBhalla, Vinod Kumar; Ankita
26-Aug-2016Ground Target Recognition using KNN,Naïve Baye’s and SVMBhalla, Vinod Kumar; Kumar, Ravinandan
14-Aug-2018High Performance Cross Platform Architecture for Desktop ApplicationsBhalla, Vinod Kumar; Maji, Anurag
14-Aug-2012Impact of High Mobility and Rapid Change in Number of Mobile Nodes on the Performance of Manet ProtocolsBhalla, Vinod Kumar; Shivender
2-Aug-2013IPL (Indian Premier League) tournament scheduling through backtrack approachBhalla, Vinod Kumar; Pathak, Trinetra Kumar
5-Aug-2016Mitigation of Wormhole Attack in VANETs using Trust based secure DV-Hop Localization AlgorithmBhatia, Tarunpreet; Bhalla, Vinod Kumar; Rani, Ritu
1-Aug-2013Novel approach for accurate retrieval of video using semantic annotationsBhalla, Vinod Kumar; Arora, Priyansh
1-Sep-2014Pattern Matching Algorithms for Intrusion Detection and Prevention SystemsBhalla, Vinod Kumar; Gupta, Vibha
14-Aug-2018Selection of Suitable Routing Protocols for Coming Generation Ad-Hoc Network in Traffic ManagementBhalla, Vinod Kumar; Prakash, Abhijityaditya
29-Jul-2015Video Search Engine Optimization Technique Using Keyword and Feature AnalysisBhalla, Vinod Kumar; Choudhari, Krishna Dinesh
24-Jul-2012Web Page Categorization based on Characteristics of Web PageBhalla, Vinod Kumar; Taneja, Khushboo