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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Aug-2015Adaptive Probabilistic Skip GraphBatra, Shalini; Goyal, Amit
13-Jul-2009Analyzing and Visualizing the Effect of Noise on Compressed Textual DataBatra, Shalini; Kumar, Sudesh
31-Aug-2010Analyzing the Social Networks using Blockmodeling TechniqueBatra, Shalini; Kumar, Pawan
3-Oct-2018Anomaly Detection and Analysis in Big DataBatra, Shalini; Garg, Sahil
7-Aug-2019Application of Bloom Filter in NDNBatra, Shalini; Kaur, Harpreet
14-Aug-2013Approach to geographic based namespace load distribution using symphonyBatra, Shalini; Kaur, Ravneet
25-Jul-2018Business Administration Platform Management through Budget Editor ToolBatra, Shalini; Aggarwal, Pallavi
12-Aug-2009Classifying Web Services With and Without Association RulesBatra, Shalini; Shailja
30-Aug-2010Comparative Analysis of Measures of Similarity and Semantic Relatedness for Text ClassificationBatra, Shalini; Chandna, Shirin
1-Jul-2011Comparative Analysis of RDF Query LanguagesBatra, Shalini; Bhandari, Amrita
9-Aug-2012Comparative Analysis of Relational Databases and Graph DatabasesBatra, Shalini; Tyagi, Charu
22-Jul-2015A Comparative Study of Various Combinatorial Approaches for Minimization of Transmission and Distribution LossesBatra, Shalini; Jatin
9-Jun-2011Design and Development of Anti-DoS/DDoS Attacks Framework Using IPtablesBatra, Shalini; Singhal, Misha
12-Aug-2009Detecting Domain From Source Code Using Semantic ClusteringBatra, Shalini; Madan, Sanjay
12-Aug-2008Edge Detection Technique Using Fuzzy LogicBatra, Shalini; Mittal, Vandana
20-Jan-2020An Efficient Framework for Privacy Preservation for Big Data ApplicationsKumar, Neeraj; Batra, Shalini; Kaur, Harmanjeet
1-Aug-2016Efficient Framework for Semantic Search on WebBawa, Seema; Batra, Shalini; Jindal, Vikas
6-Aug-2019An Efficient Pending Interest Table content search in NDN through Stable Bloom FilterBatra, Shalini; Singh, Amritpal; Kaur, Ravneet
23-Nov-2020Efficient Similarity Search Techniques for Textual and Non-Textual DatasetsBatra, Shalini; Chauhan, Sachendra Singh
12-Aug-2008Enabling Semantic Mapping in Web Services Modeling FrameworkBatra, Shalini; Deepti, Gupta