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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Jul-2015Application of fuzzy sets in time series forecastingSingh, Pritpal; Bassi, Vineeta; Samariya, Anuj
19-Sep-2014Automated Testing For Anti-Patterns For Software Quality Analysing Using AOPBassi, Vineeta; Bharti, Himanshu
28-Aug-2013Empirical study of the open source software evolution using JUnitBassi, Vineeta; Singh, Seema
28-Aug-2015Generating test cases using metamorphic testing and genetic algorithm for integer bugs detectionBassi, Vineeta; Arora, Deepika
19-Sep-2014Image Steganography Using Improved LSB And Exor Encryption AlgorithmBassi, Vineeta; Kumar, Sandeep
31-Jul-2018j48 Classifier for Software Effort EstimationBassi, Vineeta; Sharma, Nancy
13-Aug-2012Measuring Maintainability of Open Source Software Using MetricsBassi, Vineeta; Batra, Sheenam
6-Aug-2012Measuring the Open Source Software Using Version Control System to Study the Software EvolutionBassi, Vineeta; Kotwal, Nindya
28-Aug-2013Metrics evaluation using open sourceBassi, Vineeta; Dogra, Shiva
13-Aug-2012Quality Assurance in Open Source Software Development by Introducing Requirement Gathering PhaseBassi, Vineeta; Chanalia, Navneet
12-Sep-2016Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Data using NLTK in PythonBassi, Vineeta; Garg, Prateek
11-Aug-2016Stereo Matching Based Estimation of Depth Map from Stereo Image PairPannu, H. S.; Bassi, Vineeta; Jain, Khushboo
6-Aug-2015Test Case Selection Technique implementation using Ant Colony Optimization to reduce the execution time of Regression TestingBassi, Vineeta; Garg, Champat
11-Aug-2017Towards Heart Disease Prediction using Hybrid Data MiningBaliyan, Niyati; Bassi, Vineeta; Meenal