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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Sep-2016Active and Reactive Power Control in An Islanded Solar Microgrid Using Droop ControllerBasak, Prasenjit; Verma, Pankaj
10-Oct-2016Comparison between Perturb & Observe Method and Incremental Conductance Method for Maximum Power Point Tracking of PV ModuleBasak, Prasenjit; Tomar, Rahul
18-Mar-2021Design and Control of Microgrid System for Optimum OperationBasak, Prasenjit; Jitender
6-Jan-2021Design of Adaptive Protection Schemes for MicrogridsBasak, Prasenjit; Singh, Manjeet
15-Sep-2022Development of Ester Oil Based Nanofluid as Liquid Insulation for Power TransformersBasak, Prasenjit; Basu, Soumen; Bin Siddique, Zaid
20-Apr-2021Energy Consumption Estimation of Electric Vehicles using different Navigational ParametersBhattacharya, Jhilik; Basak, Prasenjit; Modi, Shatrughan
17-Aug-2022Fault Detection and Identification for DC Microgrid with Wavelet-Based Artificial Neural NetworksBasak, Prasenjit; Irfan, Asra
23-Sep-2019Forecasting Of Renewable Energy and Load Using Sliding Window and Neural Network Approach for MicrogridBasak, Prasenjit; Kaushal, Jitender; Kangujam, Anelis
26-Jul-2017Frequency Control of Microgrid under Islanded Condition Using Fuzzy-PI based ControllerKaushal, Jitender; Basak, Prasenjit; Kaur, Jashandeep
11-Aug-2014Intigrating Dstatcom with Photovoltaic Energy Storage System for Power Transient StabilityBasak, Prasenjit; Singh, Gurjot
7-Aug-2019Material Compatibility and Thermal Analysis for Process Development Guidelines of Ester Oil TransformersBasak, Prasenjit; Velandy, Jeyabalan; Garg, Ankita
29-Jun-2021Modeling and Control of A Hybrid Sustainable Energy SystemBiswal, Gyan Ranjan; Basak, Prasenjit; Roy, Amit Kumar
14-Aug-2015Modeling and Simulation of a PV generator and Maximum Power Point Tracking Controller Using SimscapeBasak, Prasenjit; Singh, Rajinder
14-Aug-2015Modeling of DFIG Based Wind Turbine Mitigating Dynamic Behavior under Varying Load and Asymmetrical Fault ConditionsBasak, Prasenjit; Singh, Nagendra
28-Jul-2022Modelling and Optimization Of Biomass Based System In MicrogridBasak, Prasenjit; Singh, Arashdeep
12-Aug-2014Modelling and Simulation of Central Controller to Control Power Sharing In MicrogridBasak, Prasenjit; Kaur, Amandeep
19-Aug-2014Modelling and Simulation of Fuel Cell Based DC MicrogridBasak, Prasenjit; Malhotra, Deepak Pardeep
20-Jul-2018Power Quality Enhancement In PV Based AC Microgrid Using ANN ControllerKaushal, Jitender; Basak, Prasenjit; Gupta, Jyoti
25-Sep-2019Preparation and Characterization of EPDM Nanocomposites for High Voltage InsulationBasak, Prasenjit; Dua, Harleen Singh
28-Jul-2017Real Power Control of Storage Free Hybrid MicrogridBasak, Prasenjit; Yadav, Manish Kumar