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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Aug-2018Analysis of Escherichia coli Transport through the SoilBaranwal, Manoj; Ratha, Dwarikanath; Batish, Garima
24-Sep-2013Anticancer and antibacterial activities of cinnamonHanda, Vikas; Baranwal, Manoj; Renu
27-Aug-2014Anticancerous and Antioxidant Activity of Bioactive Compounds from Dunaliella SalinaBaranwal, Manoj; Reddy, M. S.; Singh, Pritika
29-Aug-2016Antioxidant and antimicrobial activity of extracellular polymeric substances isolated from endophytic fungus (Debaromyces hansenii)Reddy, M.S.; Baranwal, Manoj; Kanika, Mehta
16-May-2023Banana Sap, a Resource Material for Bioethanol Production and other Value Added ProductsReddy, M. Sudhakara; Baranwal, Manoj; Saxena, Sanjai; Gupta, Geetika
17-Oct-2023Bio Remedial Approach to Degrade Crystal Violet and Methyl Red in Textile EffluentSaxena, Sonika; Baranwal, Manoj; Mathur, Saloni
11-Aug-2017Characterisation of exopolysaccharides isolated from Dunaliella salina exhibiting immunomodulation in peripheral blood mononuclear cells and RAW 264.7 macrophagesBaranwal, Manoj; Goyal, Mehendi
9-Sep-2019Computational analysis in designing HLA restricted T-cell epitopes enriched peptides of dengue envelope protein.Baranwal, Manoj; Kaushal, Neha
11-Sep-2023Computational Design of Immunogenic Nucleocapsid Peptides as Potential Vaccine Target Against Thailand OrthohantavirusBaranwal, Manoj; Saxena, Prakhar Vaidant
26-Sep-2019Conjugation of H1N1 Influenza peptides with PEG coated gold nanoparticles to enhance the immune responseBaranwal, Manoj; Chudasama, Bhupendra; Kaur, Khushpreet
11-Aug-2017Conserved envelope peptides containing multiple HLA-restricted T cell epitopes as vaccine candidate against Zika virusBaranwal, Manoj; Kaur, Tavleen
Jul-2017Development of Nanoadjuvants using Polymeric Carrier to Enhance Immune ResponseAgnihotri, Shekhar; Baranwal, Manoj; Arora, Khayati
25-Aug-2014Effect of Cinnamomum Zeylanicum on Growth of Breast Cancer Cells and MicrobesBaranwal, Manoj; Bansal, Swati
3-Sep-2019Effect of Exopolysaccharides Produced under Stress Conditions by Dunaliella Salina on the Growth of Cancer Cell Lines and Peripheral Blood Mononuclear CellsBaranwal, Manoj; Chawla, Baneet
19-Aug-2014Effect of Syzygium Aromaticum on the Growth of Cancer Cells and MicrobesBaranwal, Manoj; Sharma, Pankaj
6-Sep-2018Enhanced production of Scenedesmus acutus extracellular polysaccharides exhibiting immunostimulation and antioxidant activityBaranwal, Manoj; Tania
21-Aug-2015Evaluation of cytotoxic and free radical scavenging activities of cinnamomum zeylanicum bark extractsBaranwal, Manoj; Bhandari, Maitri
12-Sep-2016Evaluation of free radical scavenging and immunostimulant activities of water soluble polymeric substances from Cinnamomum zeylanicum barkBaranwal, Manoj; Kaur, Navdeep
12-Sep-2016Extracellular polymeric substances (EPSs) from Dunaliella salina having antioxidant and immunostimulating activityBaranwal, Manoj; Reddy, M. S.; Sharma, Sakshi
23-Sep-2013FOXP3 rs2294021 Polymorphism Towards the Susceptibility To Breast Carcinoma In North Indian PopulationBaranwal, Manoj; Sharma, Siddharth; Mourya, Ajit