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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Aug-2014Analysis and Design of 14-Bit Self Calibrated DAC of SAR-ADC for Bio-Medical ApplicationAgarwal, Alpana; Thakur, Atul
3-Jul-2015Analysis and Design of Comparator for Bio-Medical ApplicationsAgarwal, Alpana; Kamboj, Shilpa
22-Aug-2018Calibrated High Performance Programmable Low Drop Out Voltage Regulator For PHY DriversKumar, Sunil; Agarwal, Alpana; Singh, Harpreet
28-Jul-2015Comparative analysis of WiMAX decoders using VHDLAgarwal, Alpana; Sharma, Kanchan
1-May-2007Comparative Study of CMOS Input & Output AmplifierArora, Anjali; Bansal, Manu (Guide); Agarwal, Alpana
1-Mar-2007Comparative Study of CMOS Voltage Controlled OscillatorsAgarwal, Ravinder; Agarwal, Alpana; Chawla, Jayna
2-Nov-2010Comparison of 8-bit Multipliers Designed in Different Non-Clocked Logic Styles on the Basis of PowerAgarwal, Alpana; Dua, Vaibhav
24-Sep-2008Comparison of MultipliersAgarwal, Alpana; Grover, Sakshi
13-Aug-2019Design and analysis of a 14-bit low power SAR ADCAgarwal, Alpana; Lomaria, Swati
23-May-2022Design and Analysis of All Digital PLL for Multi-Frequency GeneratorAgarwal, Alpana; Singh, Anil; Sahani, Jagdeep Kaur
12-Apr-2022Design and Analysis of All-Digital Flash Analog-to-Digital ConverterAgarwal, Alpana; Singh, Anil; Gupta, Ashima
8-Apr-2008Design and Analysis of CMOS Analog ComparatorsAgarwal, Alpana; Kedia, Jyoti
17-Sep-2013Design and analysis of CMOS combined reference circuitAgarwal, Alpana; Agarwal, Madhusoodan
1-May-2007Design and Analysis of CMOS Telescopic Operational AmplifierAgarwal, Alpana; Jasmine
1-Mar-2007Design and Analysis of Different Orders of Active-RC Butterworth FilterAgarwal, Alpana; Khanna, Rajesh; Saini, Nimisha
8-Apr-2008Design and Analysis of Folded Cascode OTAAgarwal, Alpana; Bansal, Manu
23-Jun-2023Design and Analysis of Low Dropout Voltage Regulator for Ultra-Low-Power ApplicationsAgarwal, Alpana; Sood, Lalit
1-Mar-2007Design and Analysis of OTA Based 5th Order Chebyeshev Filter.Agarwal, Alpana; Khanna, R; Jain, Jyoti
26-Aug-2016Design and Analysis of Smart Voltage ComparatorAgarwal, Alpana; Goel, Ayushi
29-Aug-2008Design and Analysis of Weak Inversion Low Power Operational AmplifierAgarwal, Alpana; Jagtap, Amit