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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Sep-2009ECG Based Biometrics Verification System Using LabVIEWSingla, Sunil Kumar; Sharma, Ankit
1-May-2007Effect of Finite Word Length on FIR Filter Implemented on 8052 MicrocontrollerSingla, Sunil Kumar; Singh, Nirbhow Jap; Aman
25-Aug-2010Face Recognition based on Wavelet Transform, Principal Component Analysis and Neural NetworkSingla, Sunil Kumar; Nigam, Rahul Dev
24-Sep-2008Face Recognition System Using Neural NetworkSingla, Sunil Kumar; Gupta, Sourabh
25-Jul-2012Feature Extraction in an Iris based Recognition System using Independent Component Analysis AlgorithmSingla, Sunil Kumar; Sethi, Parul
11-Aug-2015Mammogram Mass Classification Using Linear Differential Analysis Sequential Feature Selection TechniqueSingla, Sunil Kumar; Jain, Shipra
13-Aug-2009OCR Based Speech Synthesis System Using Lab VIEWSingla, Sunil Kumar; Yadav, Rajiv Kumar
16-Nov-2009PALM Print Verification Using LabVIEWSingla, Sunil Kumar; Arora, A.S.; Chaudhary, Vivek
31-Oct-2013Performance Evaluation of Different Control Schemes using Various Tuning MethodsSingla, Sunil Kumar; Vikram; Kumar, Rajeev
4-Dec-2020Reduced Order Modelling and Control Using Advanced TechniquesSingla, Sunil Kumar; Sondhi, Swati; Mehta, Ruchika
12-Oct-2009Speaker Indentification using LabviewSingla, Sunil Kumar; Sharma, Manish
19-Apr-2007Speech SynthesisSingla, Sunil Kumar; Singh, Nirbhow Jap; Sharma, Ritu
26-Aug-2010Study and Analysis of Patient Monitoring Compatibility with LabVIEWSingla, Sunil Kumar; Arora, Vishal Preet; Kumar, Yatendra
30-Oct-2012Wavelet based Flicker Analysis and Removal System Using LabviewSingla, Sunil Kumar; Singh, Amrik