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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Sep-2018Data Analytics of Smart Grid Environment for Efficient Management of Demand ResponseKumar, Neeraj; Singh, Mukesh; Jindal, Anish
23-Jan-2024Design of a DC Net Meter in Vehicle to Grid TechnologySingh, Mukesh; Yadav, Kratika
26-Sep-2022Design of Active Battery Management System for Electric Vehicle BatterySingh, Mukesh; Kamboj, Rahul
2016Design of Modified Droop Controller and Aggregator for Frequency Support in Microgrid using Electric VehiclesSingh, Mukesh; Rana, Rubi
1-Sep-2023Designing and Testing of a Three-Phase AC Net Meter for V2G ApplicationSingh, Mukesh; Kaur, Amrit Pal
10-Nov-2022An effective MPPT control techniques for active and reactive power control in grid connected PV systemSingh, Mukesh; Kumar, Vinit
3-Oct-2018Efficient Control Mechanism Using Data Centers and Electric Vehicles for Grid Frequency SupportKumar, Neeraj; Singh, Mukesh; Kaur, Kuljeet
11-Jan-2021Frequency Support of Micro-grid using Fleet of Electric VehiclesSingh, Mukesh; Dhingra, Karanveer
8-Aug-2017A Novel Approach for Bi-directional Energy Metering Based on Integrated Rooftop SPV SystemsSingh, Mukesh; Singh, Nirbhowjap; Bedi, Harjeet Singh
8-Nov-2016A Novel Demand Response Management based on Tertiary Frequency Support Using Smart MeterSingh, Nirbhow Jap; Singh, Mukesh; Bakshi, Arijit
17-Apr-2017Optimal Power Management of Hybrid Renewable Energy SystemsSingh, Mukesh; Kaushik, S. C.; Singh, Shakti
7-Aug-2019Real Time Simulation of a PFC Rectifier Based EV Charger Employing CC/CV Mode of ChargingSingh, Mukesh; Tiwary, Anyuti
23-Jul-2018Reduction of Switching Transients in Constant Current (CC)/Constant Voltage (CV) Mode of Electric Vehicles Battery ChargingSingh, Mukesh; Arora, Sweety
28-Jul-2017Self Tunned Fuzzy-PID controller for LED in Daylight Harvesting Environment for Smart BuildingsSingh, Mukesh; Joshi, Somil
28-Jul-2017Single Phase Bidirectional Charger for Electric Vehicles to Support Reactive Power Compensation to GridSingh, Mukesh; Manwani, Neeraj
21-Oct-2022Speed Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous MotorSingh, Mukesh; Dabre, Mukul