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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Oct-2014Effect of Fly Ash & Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag as Cement Replacement Materials on Strength and Durability Characteristics of Pavement Quality Concrete (PQC)Kumar, Maneek; Chopra, Tanuj; Singh, Maninder
20-Aug-2014An Efficient and Secure Database System using OpenCLSingh, Maninder; Sharma, Shreshtha
11-Mar-2019Efficient Geometric Algorithms for Resource Location ModelsGarg, Deepak; Singh, Maninder; Monika
25-Feb-2016Efficient Zero-day Attacks Detection TechniquesSingh, Maninder; Kaur, Ratinder
13-Jun-2012Energy Analysis of WSN using RSA and ECC Encryption MethodSingh, Maninder; Kaur, Sharanjit
5-Jun-2007A Framework for Measuring Hardening Capabilities of an Operating SystemSingh, Maninder; Agrawal, Yugma Kumar
16-Feb-2023A Framework to Enhance the Location Privacy using Geo-fence Service over Vehicular Cloud NetworkSingh, Maninder; Singh, Raman; Al-Balasmeh, Hani Ibraheem Mohammed
25-Aug-2014Gene Mutation Analysis -Role of Open Source Tools for Personalized Medication and Designer Drugs in a Cost-Effective and Efficient MannerSingh, Maninder; Singh, Tarun Preet
12-Sep-2019Gesture Recognition Using Tuned Convolution Neural NetworkKumar, Sunil; Kumar, Sukhwinder; Singh, Maninder
12-Aug-2009Hardening Linux Operating System to Mask against FingerprintingSingh, Maninder; Kaur, Ratinder
11-Jul-2011Hybrid and Enhanced Framework for Visualization and Analysis of Network Traffic DataSingh, Maninder; Verma, Nitin Prakash
29-Sep-2017Implement Software Access Point using Linux HotspotSingh, Maninder; Singh, V. P.; Singh, Hargovind
20-Aug-2014Implementation of Secure, Fast and Efficient RSA Algorithm on GPUSingh, Maninder; Mahajan, Sonam
11-Jan-2019Improved Data Structures for Dynamic and Massive DataGarg, Deepak; Singh, Maninder; Sunita
5-Aug-2016Improved File System Security through Restrictive AccessSingh, Maninder; Kaur, Navneet
31-Jul-2013Improved IPv6 Trace-Back technique to uncover Denial of Service (DoS) attacksSingh, Maninder; Jain, Abhishek
6-Aug-2018Improving Oracle Retail Merchandising System and Oracle Retail Sales Audit using Functional and Software Security Assurance TestingSingh, Maninder; Gupta, Bhawna
29-Jul-2015Integrated Network Traffic Visualization for Threat Detection, Analysis and ReportingSingh, Maninder; Kumar, Amit
24-Jul-2008Intrusion Prevention Scripts to Detect Malicious Traffic using BroSingh, Maninder; Singh, Navdeep
19-Jun-2007JGSnap: A Graphical Analyzer for HoneysnapSingh, Maninder; Vershney, Abhishek