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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-May-2024Blockchain-based secure framework for efficient management of IoT generated healthcare dataKaur, Sanmeet; Singh, Maninder; Sharma, Aashima
31-Jul-2013Buffer Overflow Security techniques in Windows: Development, Verification and ValidationSingh, Maninder; Oberoi, Parul
23-Jul-2015Capture, Analyze and Detect Malicious Activities in a University Network TrafficSingh, Maninder; Gill, Harleen Kaur
19-Apr-2007Capturing, Controlling and Analyzing Network Traffic using Network ProcessorSingh, Maninder; Srinivas, Gowni
8-Oct-2007Cluster Analysis based on Self-Organizing Maps in Fractal Image CompressionSingh, Maninder; Jindal, Lucky
13-Jun-2012DDoS Attacks and Their Alleviation Using IptablesSingh, Maninder; Dahiya, Ravinder
31-Jul-2019Deep Learning Model to Recognize Punjabi Language Speech CommandsSingh, Maninder; Kaushal, Pranav
12-Aug-2009Deep Packet Inspection in Linux Kernel FirewallSingh, Maninder; Singh, V. P.; Bhadade, Vaibhav
12-Aug-2009Design and Develop a Campus Honeypot to Detect IntrusionsSingh, Maninder; Singh, Kirandeep
5-Aug-2016Design and Develop a Framework for Social Network AnalysisSingh, Maninder; Singh, V. P.; Kaur, Navpreet
14-Aug-2018Design and Develop Autonomous UAV to Identify the Target with PrecisionSingh, Maninder; Sharma, Salil
5-Aug-2010Design and Develop ECC for Wireless Sensor NetworkSingh, Maninder; Ladha, Vandana
24-Jul-2008Design and Development of a Powerful Easy-to-use Packet Control API for LINUXSingh, Maninder; Singh, Maninder
23-Oct-2015Design and Development of an Efficient Software Clone Detection TechniqueSingh, Maninder; Bhatia, Rajesh; Rattan, Dhavleesh
19-Apr-2007Design and Development of Finger-Printing Security FrameworkSingh, Maninder; Kalia, Surbhie
8-Mar-2007Design and Development of Forensic Analysis Toolkit for Analyzing Malware BinarySingh, Maninder; Jindal, Bhushan Kumar
19-Apr-2007Design and Development of Gateway Port ScannerSingh, Maninder; Aggarwal, Seema
28-Jul-2011Design and Development of Honeypot for Proactive Monitoring of Campus NetworkSingh, Maninder; Singh, Gurpreet
4-Aug-2014Design and Development of Improved Stealth Alternate Data StreamsSingh, Maninder; Miglani, Sumit; Mahajan, Ruhi
18-Apr-2007Design and Development of LINUX based HoneypotSingh, Maninder; Sharma, Rajnish