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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Nov-2022Bioactive Properties of Glasses/glass-ceramics Synthesized from Agricultural and Food WastesSingh, Kulvir; Punj, Shivani
23-Sep-2022CaO/MgO Effect on the Crystallisation and Optical Properties of Potassium Silicate GlassesSingh, Kulvir; Kaur, Jasleen
24-Aug-2015Chemical Compatibility of Glass Sealants with Electrolyte (8YSZ) for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell ApplicationsSingh, Kulvir; Khan, Savidh
14-Sep-2009Development of Tin Oxide based Thick Film Array for Chemical Gas SensorsSingh, Kulvir; Kumar, Manjeet
18-Nov-2011Effect of Different Glass Modifiers on Structural, Optical and Mechanical Properties of Borosilicate GlassesSingh, Kulvir; Gill, Kiranpreet Kaur
12-Aug-2008Effect of Particle Size on the Compressive Strength of CementSingh, Kulvir; Sharma, Chetan
18-Nov-2011Effect of Sintering Temperature on Structural Conducting and Thermal Properties of Pyrochlore Y2Ti2O7Singh, Kulvir; Meenu
8-Oct-2021Effect of SrO on the Thermal, Optical and Structural Properties of Sodium Borosilicate GlassesSingh, Kulvir; Kaur, Simranjeet
14-Aug-2013Effect of two different dopants on structural and optical properties of bismuth vanadateSingh, Kulvir; Grewal, Rupanjit Kaur
13-Aug-2007Effect of Various Filters on Physical and Optical Properties of Agro-Straw PapersSingh, Kulvir; Gupta, Neha
6-Aug-2008Glass and Glass Sealants as BioceramicsSingh, Kulvir; Bala, Indu
13-Aug-2007Glasses And Glass Ceramics As BiomaterialsSingh, Kulvir; Tyagi, Sachin
29-Sep-2017Influence of Process Parameters on Bioactivity of CaF2-MgF2 Containing Borosilicate Glass CeramicsSingh, Kulvir; Arora, Anandita
6-Aug-2008Interaction Study of Glass Sealents and Electrolyte of Solid Oxide Fuel CellSingh, Kulvir; Sharma, Sarita Devi
2-Sep-2019Investigation of Alkali Oxides Effect on Various Properties of Borosilicate GlassesSingh, Kulvir; Rajni
31-Aug-2012Investigations on Interfacial Interaction of Glass Sealants with Electrolytes and Interconnect for Solid Oxide Fuel CellsSingh, Kulvir; Pandey, O. P.; Kaur, Gurbinder
4-Aug-2022Optical and structural properties of rare-earth doped calcium silicates derived from agro-food wastesSingh, Kulvir; Kaur, Manmeet
7-Sep-2016Optical and structural properties of ZnO, TiO2 and V2O5 modified lithium borate glasses/glass-ceramicsSingh, Kulvir; Arya, Sunil Kumar
12-Oct-2017Preparation and Characterization of SiO2-CaO-MgO-K2O Glasses as BiomaterialsSingh, Kulvir; Jha, Praveen
21-Sep-2011Preparation and Characterization of Tungsten Carbide Micro/Nano CompositesPandey, O. P.; Singh, Kulvir; Kumar, Akshay