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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Apr-2015Offline Handwritten Gurmukhi Script RecognitionSharma, R. K.; Kumar, Manish; Kumar, Munish
1-Sep-2017On Segmentation of Words from Online Handwritten Gurmukhi SentencesSharma, R. K.; Dahake, Devesh
19-Aug-2014Online Handwritten Character Recognition Using Wavelet-Based FeaturesSharma, R. K.; Kaur, Avneet
19-Nov-2009Online Handwritten Gurmukhi Character RecognitionSharma, R. K.; Kumar, Rajesh; Sharma, Anuj
20-Aug-2013Online Handwritten Gurmukhi Character Recognition using Support Vector MachineSharma, R. K.; Khurana, Dushyant
3-Aug-2015Prosodically Guided Phonetic Engine for Punjabi LanguageSharma, R. K.; Agarwal, Neeshu
6-Nov-2021Prosody Based Phonetic Engine and Speaker Classification for Punjabi LanguageSharma, R. K.; Kumar, Parteek; Kaur, Rupinderdeep
1-May-2007Punjabi Text Generation using Interlingua approach in Machine TranslationSharma, R. K.; Kalra, Sachin
28-Jan-2015Recognition of handwritten special characters and Gurmukhi numerals using artificial neural networksSharma, R. K.; Kaur, Karamjeet
21-Aug-2012Recognition of Online Handwritten Gurmukhi Strokes Using Support Vector MachineSharma, R. K.; Agrawal, Rahul
4-Aug-2015Recognition of Online Handwritten Gurmukhi Strokes using Support Vector MachineSharma, R. K.; Kumar, Ashwani
21-Sep-2011Recognition of Online Handwritten Punjabi NumeralsSharma, R. K.; Shivali
28-Oct-2015Reliability Based Single and Multi-Objective Optimization of Concrete Mix Design ParametersSharma, M. K.; Sharma, R. K.; Kumar, Maneek; Aggarwal, Rachna
9-Nov-2009Simulation Based Avalanche Prediction Model using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference SystemSharma, R. K.; Verma, Karun; Jain, Chetan
2-Aug-2016Speaker Dependent Hindi Speech Recognition using Optimized ClassifiersSharma, R. K.; Mittal, Teena
8-Mar-2007Text to Speech Synthesis for Punjabi Language.Sharma, R. K.; Gera, Pardeep
27-Jun-2012UNL Based Machine Translation System for Punjabi LanguageSharma, R. K.; Kumar, Parteek
2007Use of Zernike Moments in Handwritten Character RecognitionSharma, R. K.; Verma, Karun; Singh, Harikesh
22-Jan-2015Wavelet Transforms in Speech ProcessingSharma, R. K.; Kumar, Arun