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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Oct-2016Screening and Identification of Lovastatin producing endophytic fungiSaxena, Sanjai; Kaur, Manpreet
14-Sep-2017Screening and Isolation of α- Amylase Inhibitors from Endophytic Fungi for their Possible use in Management of Type-2 DiabetesSaxena, Sanjai; Dhunna, Avneet
8-Sep-2015Screening and Purification of Resveratrol from Endophytic FungiSaxena, Sanjai; Srivastava, Anugya
5-Nov-2012Screening Endophytic Fungal Broth for L-Methioninase ActivitySaxena, Sanjai; Sharma, Siddharth; Bahl, Charu
12-Sep-2019Screening Endophytic Fungi for Production of Histone Deacetylase InhibitorsSaxena, Sanjai; Chhibber, Manmohan; Kapila, Disha
12-Sep-2022Screening Endophytic Fungi for Production of Phenylalanine Ammonia Lyase, for use as a Therapeutic Intervention to Treat PhenylketonuricsSaxena, Sanjai; Singh, Anshu
7-Sep-2018Screening Endophytic Fungi for Production of Piceatannol, A Novel Inhibitor/Disruptor of α- SynucleinSaxena, Sanjai; Jessica
12-Dec-2011Screening of Endophytic Fungi for Cholestesterol Oxidase ProducerSaxena, Sanjai; Bindal, Shruti
23-Sep-2013Screening of endophytic fungi for lipase inhibitors as therapeutic modalities in obesity treatmentSaxena, Sanjai; Rana, Rahul
28-Aug-2014Screening of Endophytic Fungi for Production of Asparaginase EnzymeSaxena, Sanjai; Kaur, Preetinder
26-Aug-2019Screening of Endophytic Fungi for the Inhibition Of Indolamine 2,3 DioxygenaseSaxena, Sanjai; Srivastava, Sarika
17-Aug-2011Screening of Endophytic Fungi for Xanthine Oxidase Producer (S)Saxena, Sanjai; Gupta, Avom
1-Mar-2007Screening of Herbal Fractions for Antibiotic Drug Resistance ReversalSaxena, Sanjai; Singh, Gurdeep
1-Mar-2007Screening of Herbal Fractions for Antibiotic Drug Resistance ReversalSaxena, Sanjai; Singh, Gurdeep
2-Sep-2014Screening of the Cellulase Producing Endophytic Fungi for the Production of CellulasesSaxena, Sanjai; Ambuj
27-Aug-2009Standardization of a Process to Extract a Biofla Vonoid HesperidinSaxena, Sanjai; Sood, Kavita
31-Jan-2017Studies on Fibrinolytic agent(s) from endophytic fungiSaxena, Sanjai; Meshram, Vineet
13-Sep-2016To Study the Effect of Plasma Treatment on Fungal Decontamination in wheat and Biochemical Parameters ThereofSaxena, Sanjai; Mahey, Nisha
16-Sep-2016To study the effect of plasma treatment on storage fungi of Mung bean (Vigna radiata)Saxena, Sanjai; Mishra, Sunita; Saru
25-Aug-2011To Study the Self Healing Effect In Nano Particulate Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer CompositeSharma, Bikramjit; Saxena, Sanjai; Singh, Gurdeep