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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Feb-2023Nanobiocatalytic Conversion of Agri-Food Waste into Biochemical ProductsAgnihotri, Shekhar; Reddy, M. S.; Sillu, Devendra
1-May-2007Phylogenetic Analysis and Cloning and Characterization of Laccase Gene from MorelsReddy, M. S.; Madhavi, M.
25-Nov-2011Physiological and Molecular Characterization of Laccase Gene in Morchella Spp.Reddy, M. S.; Gupta, Divya
27-Sep-2013Polyphasic taxonomic characterization of bacteria isolated from Chilka Lake, Odisha, IndiaReddy, M. S.; Reddy, G. S. N.; Mansi, Kwatra
29-Aug-2014Potential of Extracellular Polymeric Substances and Biofilm Produced by Bacterial Isolates in Calcium Carbonate MineralizationReddy, M. S.; Bains, Amrita
28-Dec-2011Studies on Diversity and Physiological Characterization of Morels of the Western Himalayan RegionReddy, M. S.; Kanwal, Harpreet Kaur
2-Apr-2009Studies on Microbial Remediation of Bauxite Residue SitesReddy, M. S.; Krishna, Pankaj
3-May-2011Studies on the Biodegradation of some Chlorophenolics in Secondary Sludge of Pulp and Paper IndustryReddy, M. S.; Karn, Santosh Kumar
28-Dec-2011Studies on the Diversity and Nutritional Value of Cantharellaceae of Western Himalayas, IndiaReddy, M. S.; Upadhyay, R. C.; Kumari, Deepika
22-Aug-2014Studying the Interacting Partners of RNA Polymerase III transcription factors, TFIIIB and TFIIICReddy, M. S.; Bharghava, Purnima; Nanda, Ishita
27-Sep-2022Validation & Verification of Reusable Medical DevicesReddy, M. S.; Aruna, Devi; Jain, Manasvi