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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Mar-2022Biobased Silica from Rice Husk and Straw for the Synthesis of Biocompatible GlassesPandey, O. P.; Reddy, M. S.; Kaur, Damandeep
29-Aug-2017Biomineralization using Synechococcus Pevalleikii and its Applications in Building MaterialReddy, M. S.; Tanul, Sachdeva
1-May-2007Bioremediation of Bauxite Residue (RED MUD) Using MicrobesKrishna, Pankaj; Reddy, M. S.
23-Sep-2013Characterization Of Thermostable And Alkalitolerant Cellulase From Endophytic Fungus Bartalinia SpReddy, M. S.; Yadav, Rajnish
26-Jul-2017Cloning and Characterization of Cobalt and Zinc Tolerance Genes by Using Metatranscriptomics ApproachReddy, M. S.; Kaur, Karamjeet
14-Aug-2015Cloning and characterization of cobalt tolerance genes by metatranscriptomics approachReddy, M. S.; Vinita
13-Aug-2015Cloning and characterization of dicer like protein from the ectomycorrhizal fungus Laccaria bicolorReddy, M. S.; Alisha, Ishrat
8-Apr-2009Cloning and Characterization of Metallothionein Genes of Ectomycorrhizal Fungus Hebeloma CylindrosporumReddy, M. S.; Ramesh G.
20-Aug-2015Cloning and Characterization of Metallothionein Genes of Ectomycorrhizal Fungi Suillus himalayensis and Suillus indicusReddy, M. S.; Radhika
20-Aug-2015Cloning and characterization of metallothionein genes of Suillus sibiricus an ectomycorrhizal fungusReddy, M. S.; Sharma, Anuja
4-Sep-2012Degradation of Imidacloprid by Bacteria Isolated from Contaminated SitesReddy, M. S.; Arora, Rabia
1-Apr-2015Diversity of Suillus Species Associated with Conifer Trees in North Western Himalayan Region of IndiaReddy, M. S.; Verma, Balwant
25-Sep-2014Diversity of Taxol Producing Endophytic Fungi from Taxus Baccata and Process Optimization for Taxol ProductionReddy, M. S.; Kumar, Anil; Garyali, Sanjog
17-Jul-2013Efficiency of Neem Oil against housefly (M.domestica)Reddy, M. S.; Satya, Santosh; Kumar, Anil
4-Sep-2012Enhanced Production of L-lysine from Corynebacterium Glutamicum by MutagenesisReddy, M. S.; Thakkar, Himani
29-Apr-2011Enhancement of Fertilizer Value of Phosphate Rocks by Phosphate Solubilizing MicrobesReddy, M. S.; Singh, Himani
12-Sep-2016Extracellular polymeric substances (EPSs) from Dunaliella salina having antioxidant and immunostimulating activityBaranwal, Manoj; Reddy, M. S.; Sharma, Sakshi
20-Nov-2014Improvement in Properties of Bulk and Surface Concrete by Using BacteriaGoyal, Shweta; Reddy, M. S.; Tripathi, Ekta
25-Nov-2011Influence of Endophytic Bacteria on Growth and Tuber Production in PotatoReddy, M. S.; Kumar, Anil; Bansal, Alpi
25-Nov-2011Influence of Salt Stress Conditions on Calcite Formation by Calcifying Bacteria Isolated from Saline EnvironmentReddy, M. S.; Bansal, Roohi