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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Jul-2015Analysis and Visualization of Social DataRani, Rinkle; Miglani, Sumit; Garg, Puneet
13-Jul-2011Behavior Analysis of Multilayer Multistage Interconnection Network With Extra StagesRani, Rinkle; Bansal, Khushboo
1-Nov-2017Big Data Clustering Based Recommendation System Model Through CorrelationsRani, Rinkle; Goel, Shivani; Pandove, Divya
22-Jul-2015Community Detection and Analysis of Twitter Social DataRani, Rinkle; Sharma, Aman
24-Jul-2015Comparative Analysis of SCM Tools and Coexistence with Agile MethodologyRani, Rinkle; Gupta, Satyam
31-Aug-2016Data Transformation and Query Analysis of Elasticsearch and CouchDB Document Oriented DatabasesRani, Rinkle; Gupta, Sheffi
31-Aug-2016Design and Performance Evaluation of Density Based Anomaly Detection Clustering Algorithms using Hadoop and Map ReduceRani, Rinkle; Behera, Sourajit
8-Aug-2018Distributed Stream Processing of Twitter Data using Apache SparkRani, Rinkle; Shruti Arora
4-Jul-2012An Efficient Algorithm for Web Page Change DetectionRani, Rinkle; Goel, Srishti
28-Aug-2019An Efficient Approach for Outlier Detection in Big DataRani, Rinkle; Saneja, Bharti
24-Jul-2018Efficient approach for Social Recommendations using Graphs on Neo4jRani, Rinkle; Kaur, Ashamdeep
5-Dec-2023An Efficient Approach for Transformation and Analysis of Streaming DataRani, Rinkle; Saxena, Nitin; Arora, Shruti
31-Aug-2016Efficient Parallel DBSCAN algorithms for Bigdata using MapReduceRani, Rinkle; Gulati, Risha
8-Jun-2018Efficient Pattern Mining of Big Data using GraphsRani, Rinkle; Bhatia, Vandana
7-Jul-2011An Efficient Token Management Algorithm for Message Dependent Deadlocks Recovery ArchitectureRani, Rinkle; Garg, Nidhi
30-Jul-2013Fault tolerance in wireless sensor networks using stiffed delaunay triangulationRani, Rinkle; Gupta, Abhinandan
4-Aug-2017A Framework for Efficient Delivery of Software ProductsRani, Rinkle; Hooda, Diksha
12-Oct-2021A Framework for Scheduling and Optimization of Healthcare ResourcesRani, Rinkle; Petwal, Hemant
3-Aug-2018Framework for Worst Case Performance Test for MCAL DriversRani, Rinkle; Ohri, Vinny
4-Aug-2017Framework of Indoor User Localization Using Wi-Fi Fingerprinting and Visual CluesRani, Rinkle; Thind, Ronika