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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Oct-2011Dynamic Responses of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Mixtures Doped With Nano MaterialsRaina, K. K.; Neeraj
5-Aug-2011Effect of SiO2 nano Particle Dispersion on the Structural and Dielectric Behaviour of Iyotropic Liquid Crystalline PhaseRaina, K. K.; Baliyan, Vjay Kumar
29-Oct-2014Electrical and Optical Investigations on Discotic Liquid Crystal Composite SystemsRaina, K. K.; Kumar, Sandeep; Supreet
17-Jun-2016Electrical and Optical Investigations on Polymer-Metal Oxide Composite Thin Films prepared by Langmuir Blodgett TechniqueRaina, K. K.; Bhullar, Gurpreet Kaur
27-Aug-2013Induced Alignment in Nematic Liquid Crystal by Dichro Disperse Orange 3 Azo dyeicRaina, K. K.; Sood, Srishti
10-Aug-2007Influence of Carbon Nano Tube on Dielectric Behaviour of Poly (Vinylidene Fluoride) Composite FilmsRaina, K. K.; Arora, Vajinder Singh
22-Jul-2009Investigation of Organic Metal Complex AdsorbatesRaina, K. K.; Trixler, Frank; Uppal, Neeti
12-Aug-2010Investigation on Modified ZnO for Ferroelectric and Optical ApplicationsRaina, K. K.; Choudhary, Ishan
20-Apr-2018Investigations on magnetic nanoparticle liquid crystal compositesSharma, Puneet; Raina, K. K.; Khushboo
9-Apr-2013Investigations on NiZn Ferrite – PZT CompositesRaina, K. K.; Prakash, Chandra; Juneja, J. K.; Rani, Rekha
23-Sep-2009Morphological and Dielectric Behaviour of Dye Dispersed Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Composite FilmsRaina, K. K.; Makkar, Preeti
15-Oct-2014Morphological, Spectral and Electrical Investigation of PVDF/MWCNT CompositesRaina, K. K.; Mehtani, Hitesh Kumar
21-Nov-2014Morphology and Electro-Optic Study of Polymer Stabilized Liquid Crystal Dispersed CompositesRaina, K. K.; Kumar, Rishi
5-Oct-2008Nano Particles Dispersed Liquid Crystal CompositesRaina, K. K.; Sharma, Deepika
31-Oct-2013Optoelectronic and Dielectric investigation in Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal composites doped with TGA caped CdSe Quantum DotsRaina, K. K.; Kumar, Rohit
2-Nov-2012Preparation and Characterisation of Novel Lyotropic Liquid Crystalline Colloidal SystemsRaina, K. K.; Shukla, Ravi Kumar
25-Sep-2008Preparation and Characterization of Dichroic Polymer Dispersed Liquid CrystalsRaina, K. K.; Kumar, Pankaj
5-Oct-2008Preparation and Characterization of ZnO Nano-Structured Thin FilmsRaina, K. K.; Kulkarni, V. N.; Singh, Nagendra Pratap
23-Sep-2009Preparation of Modified ZnO Nanoparticles by Sol-Gel Process and Their CharacterizationRaina, K. K.; Panwar, Ranvir Singh
21-Mar-2017Self-organizational Behaviour of Chiral Nematic Liquid Crystals doped with NanoparticlesRaina, K. K.; Middha, Manju