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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Oct-2014Correlation of CBR with Index Properties of SoilPathak, Rajesh; Chopra, Tanuj; Mahajan, Vikaran
30-Aug-2022Development of Pavement Maintenance Management Strategies for Roads of Bilaspur Town in Himachal PradeshChopra, Tanuj; Pathak, Rajesh; Mahadeva Iyer, Balakrishnan; Sharma, Ishan
25-Jul-2017Effect of addition of marble dust in subgrade soil on the fatigue and rutting behaviour of flexible pavementChopra, Tanuj; Pathak, Rajesh; Moudgil, Shubham
12-Aug-2019Effect of Addition of Plastic Fibres on Strength Characteristics of a Subgrade SoilPathak, Rajesh; Chopra, Tanuj; Kaushal, AShutosh
10-Sep-2018Effect of Copper Slag in Subgrade Soil for Design of Flexible Runway PavementPathak, Rajesh; Vanshika
25-Jul-2017Effect of geotextile on bearing capacity of shallow footingPathak, Rajesh; Vaid, Priya
16-Apr-2014Effect of Soil Stabilizers on the Structural Design of Flexible PavementsChopra, Tanuj; Pathak, Rajesh; Dhanoa, Navtaj Singh
27-Aug-2016Effect of the Position of Geotextile on the Strength Characteristics of Subgrade in Bituminous PavementsPathak, Rajesh; Chopra, Tanuj; Gupta, Tarun
5-Aug-2019Effect of Waste Ceramic Dust on the Strength Characterstics of the Subgrade of the Flexible PavementPathak, Rajesh; Zehra, Wasifa
6-Oct-2014Effect of Waste Plastic on the Strength Characteristics of the Subgrade for the Flexible PavementPathak, Rajesh; Chopra, Tanuj; Jindal, Kartik
27-Aug-2016Effects of Glass Fibres on the Shear Strength of SoilPathak, Rajesh; Chopra, Tanuj; Chib, Vishal Singh
15-Sep-2022Functional Evaluation of High Volume Pavements using Network Survey VehiclePathak, Rajesh; Chopra, Tanuj; Singh, Sachin; Verma, Anand
17-Oct-2022Investigating the Performance of Geocell Reinforced Unbound Layer Using Light Weight DeflectometerChopra, Tanuj; Pathak, Rajesh; Altaf, Junaid
19-Sep-2022Laboratory Investigation and Field Performance Evaluation for Chemically Stabilized Cement Treated Sub-BasesChopra, Tanuj; Pathak, Rajesh; Hazim Javaid, Sheikh
19-Sep-2022Laboratory Investigation of Cement Treated Bases (CTB) and Full-depth Reclamation (FDR) Mixes.Chopra, Tanuj; Pathak, Rajesh; Kumar, Rohan
18-Sep-2019Laboratory Investigations and Performance Evaluation of Open Graded Friction Course (OGFC): Porous Asphalt PavementPathak, Rajesh; Chopra, Tanuj; Suneha
27-Aug-2016Strengthening of Subgrade and Sub-Base of Bituminous Pavement Using RBI Grade 81Pathak, Rajesh; Chopra, Tanuj; Sehgal, Abhishek