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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Sep-2012Mathematical Modeling for Adiabatic Flow of Refrigerant in Helical Capillary TubeMittal, Madhup Kumar; Singh, Amandeep
20-Sep-2012Mathematical Modeling for Thermohydraulic Performance of Wire Mesh Packed Bed Solar Air Heater.Mittal, Madhup Kumar; Singh, Amritpal
20-Sep-2012Numerical Analysis of Refrigerant Flow in Adiabatic Straight Capillary TubeMittal, Madhup Kumar; Singh, Inderpreet
12-Aug-2015Parametric analysis of parabolic trough solar collectorMittal, Madhup Kumar; Gupta, Bharat
24-Sep-2012Performance Analysis of Solar Air Heater having Artificial Roughness on the Absorber PlateMittal, Madhup Kumar; Sharma, Mohit
14-Oct-2013Performance and Emission Characteristics of a Diesel Engine Fuelled with Biodiesel extracted from Linseed oilMittal, Madhup Kumar; Bhatti, Umesh
22-Aug-2018Performance Augmentation of Basin type Solar Still using Mini Solar Pond & Shallow Solar PondMittal, Madhup Kumar; Singh, Sudhir Kumar
20-Sep-2019Performance Comparision of Single Slope Solar Still Loaded With Various Nano-FluidsMittal, Madhup Kumar; Kumar, Vijay
2-Aug-2017Production of Artificial Snow at Varying Temperature Conditions and Comparison of its Microstructure with Natural SnowMittal, Madhup Kumar; Chandel, Chaman; Kumar, Nishant
8-Aug-2016A Study of Double Glass Covered Trapezoidal Salt Gradient Solar Pond Coupled with ReflectorMittal, Madhup Kumar; Kumar, Sandeep
2-Aug-2019Study of Vertical Multiple Effect Diffusion (VMED) Solar Still Integrated With Mini Solar PondMittal, Madhup Kumar; Dhindsa, Gurprinder Singh
20-Sep-2012Thermal Modelling of Solar StillMittal, Madhup Kumar; Singh, Amrik