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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Aug-2017Datagram Loss Reduction in FANET using Dijkstra AlgorithmMiglani, Sumit; Gupta, Alisha
4-Aug-2014Design and Development of Improved Stealth Alternate Data StreamsSingh, Maninder; Miglani, Sumit; Mahajan, Ruhi
13-Jun-2012Design and Implement the High Interaction Honeypot for a Campus NetworkMiglani, Sumit; Singh, Maninder; Madan, Kapil
6-Sep-2017Detection & Prevention of Sybil attack using Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm in proximity of Closeness CentralityMiglani, Sumit; Kaur, Harpreet
5-Aug-2013Detection and prevention of ARP cache poisoningMiglani, Sumit; Kaur, Inderjeet
5-Aug-2016Efficient and Secure Message Transfer in VANETMiglani, Sumit; Singh, Rajeev
2-Aug-2018EIT Configuration ToolkitMiglani, Sumit; Mittal, Neha
29-Jul-2015A Hybrid Approach for Image Security by Combining Watermarking with EncryptionMiglani, Sumit; Bansal, Maggi; Yadav, Pushpak
30-Aug-2010Implementing Mobile IP Scenario Using NS-2Miglani, Sumit; Jajula, Jalandher
28-Jul-2015Mixed Based Classifier Approach for Sentiment AnalysisMishra, Ashutosh; Miglani, Sumit; Bhatia, Sudhanhsu
19-Nov-2014Performance Monitoring and Analyzer Tool for CG SCADAMiglani, Sumit; Rathore, Shailendra
5-Aug-2009Simulation and Comparison of AODV and DSR routing protocols in MANETsMiglani, Sumit; Kumar, Vivek
20-Aug-2014XSS Proof of Concept Implementation, Analysis and CountermeasuresMiglani, Sumit; Singh, Maninder; Singla, Richa