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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Investigation into a Nanofluid Based Double Tube Heat ExchangerLal, Kundan; Darshan, M. B.
21-May-2019An Investigation into the Performance of a Thermosyphon Heat ExchangerLal, Kundan; Singh, Gurtej
9-Aug-2016Modeling and Optimization of Nanofluid Based Heat Exchanger using ANNLal, Kundan; Sangal, V. K.; Arya, Navneet
10-Aug-2015Performance analysis of a nanorefrigerant (hydrocarbon+ CuO) based refrigeration systemLal, Kundan; Kaushik, Rajneesh
7-Aug-2015Performance evaluation of a nanofluid (CuO-H2O) based heat exchanger with turbulatorsLal, Kundan; Kumar, Rajan
7-Aug-2015Performance evaluation of a nanorefrigerant based vapor compression refrigeration systemLal, Kundan; Sharma, Tarun
17-Sep-2022Performance Evaluation of an Automobile Radiator using CuO/Glycerol based NanocoolantSingla, Rohit Kumar; Lal, Kundan; Jain, Pulkit
7-Aug-2015Performance evaluation of nanofluid (Al2O3-H2O & Al2O3-H2O, ethylene glycol) based parabolic concentrating solar collectorLal, Kundan; Ketan, Ajay
24-Aug-2022Performance Study of Different Types of Heat PipesLal, Kundan; Sadhu, Sayan; Srivastava, Shubham
24-Aug-2022Prototyping and Validation of 2, 2.3 Ton 4 Star & 5 Star Panasonic Split AC ModelsLal, Kundan; Thakur, Deepansh
23-Aug-2016Reciprocating Compressor Performance with Nanorefrigerant in a Vapour Compression SystemLal, Kundan; Kumar, Shailendra
1-Nov-2012Rheological investigation of fly-ash water slurry using cationic, anionic and non-ionic additivesLal, Kundan; Singh, Kunal
2016A study on the Performance and Emission Characteristics of CI Engine using blends of Hydrogenated Rapeseed Biodiesel and neat Diesel as fuelLal, Kundan; Sarma, Anil K.; Dhillon, Arshdeep Singh
25-Oct-2012Study On the Viscous Behavior of Al2O3 - H2O, Ethylene Glycol Based NanofluidsLal, Kundan; Singh, Jaskaran
20-Sep-2013Study on thermal conductivity and viscosity of Al2O3-transformer oil based nanofluidLal, Kundan; Singh, Mandeep
25-Oct-2012Thermal Performance of Low Flux Solar Collector Using CuO – H2O based NanofluidLal, Kundan; Sharma, Prashant
25-Oct-2012Thermal Performance of Low Flux Solar Collectors Using Al2O3– H2O Based NanofluidsLal, Kundan; Verma, Vivek
20-Sep-2013To investigate the role of additives on the flow characteristics of fly ash slurry at high concentrationLal, Kundan; Gill, Rajeev
20-Sep-2013To investigate thermal conductivity and viscosity of Al2O3/ R-11 nanorefrigerantLal, Kundan; Dhindsa, Gurpinder Singh
4-Sep-2014To Study the Performance of a Parabolic Solar Collector Using SiO2-H2O and CuO-H2O based NanofluidsLal, Kundan; Sharma, Sumit; Kumar, Sunil