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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Oct-2009Characterization and Treatment of Some Municipal SludgesBabu, K. S.; Kumar, Vinod
27-Aug-2019Comparative Study of Micro Motion in Stem Implant and Legacy Stem Implant using FEAKumar, Vinod; Joshi, Ravinder; Dave, Niyati; Vermani, Venus
24-Oct-2016Design and Implementation of an Efficient Framework for Web Page ClassificationKumar, Neeraj; Kumar, Vinod
6-Mar-2014Development of Automatic Movement Setup for Gas Metal Arc Welding and Investigation on Welding Aspects of AISI 304 and AISI 316Bhattacharya, Anirban; Kumar, Vinod
7-Aug-2008ECG Data Compression for TelecardiologySaxena, S. C.; Kumar, Vinod; Singh, Mandeep
28-Mar-2013Evaluating the Effects of Process Parameters in Cold Chamber High Pressure Die CastingKumar, Vinod; Kumar, Lalit; Upneja, Virender
8-Sep-2015Experimental Investigation of the Surface Integrity of Deep Cryogenically Treated WEDM Machined SurfaceKumar, Vinod; Agrawal, V. P.; Singh, Manpreet
11-May-2018Experimental Investigation on Micro Electrochemical Drilling of Hybrid Al/(Al2O3p-SiCp-Cp)–MMCKumar, Vinod; Manna, Alakesh; Singh, Charanjit
3-Aug-2018Fabrication and Characterization of Aluminum Metal Matrix Composites Using Rare Earth Metal as an AdditiveKumar, Vinod; Joshi, R.S.; Aggarwal, Divyanshu
13-Nov-2013Fitted Mesh Methods for the Numerical Solutions of Singularly Perturbed ProblemsLal, A. K.; Bawa, Rajesh K.; Kumar, Vinod
14-Sep-2022Improvement of Wash Performance and Energy Efficiency in Top Load WashersKumar, Vinod; Joshi, Ravinder Singh; Shukla, Girish Kumar
3-Apr-2017Investigation of machining characteristics of LBMed Al/Al2O3, Al/SiC and Al/ZrO2 MMCsKumar, Vinod; Sharma, Vikas
1-Nov-2016Investigations on Machining Characteristics of Metal Matrix Composites Using Abrasive Flow MachiningKumar, Vinod; Kumar, Harmesh; Mittal, Sushil Kumar
22-Sep-2008Modeling and Analysis of Tool Wear Rate in EDM Using FEMSingla, Vinod Kumar; Kumar, Vinod
31-Oct-2014Parametric Study and Optimization of Wedm Process Parameters of Pure TitaniumKumar, Vinod; Kumar, Jatinder; Kumar, Anish
7-Dec-2020Rare Earth Metals Effects on Machinability of Aluminium Based Hybrid Composites Using Magnetic Abrasive Flow Machining ProcessKumar, Vinod; Joshi, Ravinder Singh; Sharma, Vipin Kumar
25-Aug-2021Recycling of Ti6Al4V swarf into Powder feedstock for Additive Manufacturing: Towards Achieving Sustainable Development GoalsJoshi, Ravinder Singh; Singh, Sachin; Kumar, Vinod; Dhiman, Sahil
19-Feb-2016Spirituality at workplace and its relationship with job satisfaction - a study on public and private insurance sector in PunjabSingh, Mandeep; Kumar, Vinod; Gupta, Manu
10-Jun-2022Studies on Joining and Deposition using Planar Movement Setup for GMAWBera, Tarun Kumar; Kumar, Vinod
3-Aug-2018Study on Mechanical and Metallurgical Behavior of Hybrid Metal Matrix CompositesKumar, Vinod; Chauhan, Rohit