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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Sep-2012Active Protection of Reinforced Concrete Structures by FRP SheetsGoyal, Shweta; Kumar, Sunil
14-Aug-2013Analyzing the role of fragment charge on nuclear stopping for symmetric colliding nucleiKumar, Sunil; Sahil, T.
22-Aug-2018Calibrated High Performance Programmable Low Drop Out Voltage Regulator For PHY DriversKumar, Sunil; Agarwal, Alpana; Singh, Harpreet
22-Aug-2014Comparative analysis of different bypassing based multiplierSakshi; Kumar, Sunil
27-Aug-2013Design of a high speed and low power sense amplifierChatterjee, Arun Kumar; Kumar, Sunil
16-Sep-2013Design Of An Integrated Neuro-Genetic Processor For Pattern Recognition ApplicationsKumar, Ravi; Kumar, Sunil
30-Sep-2008Development of Real Time Data Acquisition Using PC Printer Port on Virtual Instrument PlatformSharma, Sanjay; Kumar, Sunil
12-Sep-2019Gesture Recognition Using Tuned Convolution Neural NetworkKumar, Sunil; Kumar, Sukhwinder; Singh, Maninder
5-Jan-2016Magnetic and optical studies of transition metals-doped ZnS nanostructuresVerma, N. K.; Kumar, Sunil
21-Aug-2015Minkowski algorithm t-shaped fractal patch antenna design with improved return lossKumar, Sukhwinder; Kumar, Sunil
2-Sep-2013Quasi-Orthogonal Space-Time Block-Coded OFDM Wireless Mobile Communication Systems using Array-Processing ApproachKohli, Amit Kumar; Kumar, Sunil
3-Jan-2012Role of Deformation Sand Related Aspects in Super Heavy RegionSharma, Manoj Kumar; Kumar, Sunil
8-Sep-2014Role of Isospin Momentum Dependent Interactions in Multifragmentation of Mass Asymmetric Colliding NucleiKumar, Sunil; Kaur, Ramandeep
20-Sep-2013Some study on heat transfer and pressure drop characteratics of cuo-distilled water based nanofluidsSharma, Sumeet; Gangacharyulu, D.; Kumar, Sunil
4-Sep-2014To Study the Performance of a Parabolic Solar Collector Using SiO2-H2O and CuO-H2O based NanofluidsLal, Kundan; Sharma, Sumit; Kumar, Sunil