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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Sep-2013Improvement In Design Of Centrifugal Slurry Pump Using CFDKumar, Satish; Kumar, Mitesh
12-Aug-2015Investigation of Erosion Wear in Slurry Pipe Bend Using CFDKumar, Satish; Kumar, Prince
19-Aug-2011Investigation of Erosion Wear of Ductile Materials With and Without CoatingKumar, Satish; Kumar, Rakesh
19-Jul-2019Investigation of flow characteristics for coal-charcoal slurry fuelMohapatra, S. K.; Kumar, Satish; Singh, Anil
30-Aug-2016Investigation of flow characteristics of coal and oil slurryMohapatra, S. K.; Kumar, Satish; Juneja, Puneet
13-Aug-2014Investigation of Flow Characteristics of Coal Water SlurryKumar, Satish; Kumar, Deepak
20-Jul-2018Investigation of Flow Characteristics of Iron-Ore and Water SlurryKumar, Satish; Kumar, Sagar
17-Aug-2012Investigation of Flow of Centrifugal Slurry Pump Handling Bottom Ash and Fly Ash MixtureKumar, Satish; Kumar, Nitin
18-Oct-2019Investigation of high concentration slurry disposal through pipe bendKumar, Satish; Mohapatra, S. K.; Singh, Jatinder Pal
13-Aug-2014Investigation of Leaching Characteristics of Rolling Mill AshKumar, Satish; Sharma, Rajan
26-Oct-2012Investigation of Pressure Distribution in Pipeline for Transportation of Coal Ash SlurryKumar, Satish; Ratha, Dwarika Nath; Chaudhary, Ranjan
20-Jul-2015Investigation of Pressure Drop Characteristics of Coal Slurry PipelineKumar, Satish; Ratha, Dwarika Nath; Bhayana, Mohit
4-May-2018Investigation of Rheological and Leaching Characteristics of Ash at Higher ConcentrationsKumar, Satish; Mohapatra, S.K.; Singh, Gurprit
1-Sep-2014Investigation of Slurry Erosion in Pipeline MaterialsKumar, Satish; Singh, Prabhjot
22-Feb-2019Investigation on slurry erosion of different pumping materials and coatingsMohapatra, S. K.; Kumar, Satish; Singh, Jashanpreet
18-Sep-2013Investigation On Slurry Transportation Performance Of Coal-Water Mixture At High ConcentrationsKumar, Satish; Mohapatra, S. K.; Chakravarty, Arunanshu
11-Aug-2021Investigation on Transportation Characteristics of Pulverized Coal SlurryMohapatra, Saroj Kumar; Kumar, Satish; Singh, Harmanpreet
17-Nov-2014Investigations on Performance Characteristics of A Centrifugal Slurry Pump Handling Water and AshMohapatra, S. K.; Gandhi, B. K.; Kumar, Satish
20-Jul-2016Leaching Characteristics of Coal and Coal AshKumar, Satish; Singh, Jatinder Pal
3-Feb-2022Microstructural Considerations on the Propagation of Waves in Layered StructuresKumar, Satish; Sharma, Vanita