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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Jul-2016An improved Automatic Text Summarization System for Punjabi Text using Modified Features SelectionKumar, Ravinder; Mittal, Ankita
5-Aug-2014Improvement in Execution Time of Apriori AlgorithmKumar, Ravinder; Sonal
10-Nov-2010Improving Efficiency of Web Crawler Algorithm Using Parametric VariationsKumar, Ravinder; KethiReddy BhaskerReddy
12-Jul-2012Link-based Web Ranking Algorithms based on Weighted Graph Using Probabilistic ApproachKumar, Ravinder; Kamal, Preet
11-Jun-2015Multi-Pitch Detection with Gender Identification and Emotion DetectionKumar, Ravinder; Kumar, Navdeep
21-Oct-2019Performance Evaluation in Education System using Sprint Decision Tree classification AlgorithmVerma, Karun; Kumar, Ravinder; Chandna, Savy
29-Jul-2020Personalization of Web Search Using Social InformationKumar, Ravinder; Goel, Shubham
10-Aug-2017Prediction of Heart Disease using Hybrid Methodology of Selecting FeaturesKumar, Ravinder; Pahwa, Kanika
5-Aug-2014Resource Optimization in Examination timetabling using Graph ColoringKumar, Ravinder; Saharan, Sandeep
20-Aug-2018Sanskrit to Hindi Statistical Machine Translation SystemChana, Inderveer; Kumar, Ravinder; Kaur, Manmeet
2008Skew Detection Using Hough TransformKumar, Ravinder; Arora, Arun
29-Jul-2015Spam Filtering using Local-global Bayesian ClassifierVerma, Karun; Kumar, Ravinder; Solanki, Rohit Kumar
23-Sep-2008Web Page Ranking Solution Through sNorm (P) Algorithm ImplementationKumar, Ravinder; Kumar, Munish
1-Sep-2008Web-Crawling Approaches in Search EnginesKumar, Ravinder; Sharma, Sandeep