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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Jul-2009Choosing Best Algorithm Design Strategies For a Particular ProblemGarg, Deepak; Kumar, Ravinder; Nigam, Shailendra Kumar
31-May-2021Cloud-based Sanskrit to Hindi Machine Translation SystemChana, Inderveer; Kumar, Ravinder; Singh, Muskaan
30-Jul-2015Detection of Fake Accounts in Social NetworkKumar, Ravinder; Tekchandani, Raj Kumar; Kumar, Sushil
20-Aug-2009Determination Of Stability Constant For Different Metal Ions Using Sandwich Membrane MethodMittal, Susheel; Kumar, Ravinder
16-May-2024Domain based Bilingual Handwriting Recognition for Gurumukhi-English ScriptBawa, Seema; Kumar, Ravinder; Kaur, Sukhandeep
26-Jul-2012An Efficient Algorithm for Fetching and Processing of Disk based Data StructuresKumar, Ravinder; Singla, Sahil
23-Jun-2021Efficient Forecasting of Crop Water DemandRana, Prashant Singh; Kumar, Ravinder; Sidhu, Ravneet Kaur
1-Nov-2015Efficient Pre-processing, Feature Extraction and Post-Processing Algorithms for Recognition of Online Handwritten Gurmukhi ScriptSharma, R. K.; Sharma, Anuj; Kumar, Ravinder
9-Jan-2023Energy Efficient Framework to Find Optimized Route for EVs MovementKumar, Ravinder; Aggarwal, Ashutosh; Kumar, Ashwani
7-Aug-2019Energy Efficient Route Planning for Electric VehicleKumar, Ravinder; Singh, Jagpreet
9-Aug-2017Energy-aware task scheduling based on the DAG applications using Genetic Algorithm in Cloud computingKumar, Ravinder; Khushleen
16-Sep-2010Enrichment in Performance of Focused Web CrawlersKumar, Ravinder; Routhu, Ravikiran
2-Aug-2013Graph factorization and hamilton path based balanced tournament designKumar, Ravinder; Desh Deepak, Pathak
11-Aug-2017Handwritten Punjabi Character Recognition using Convolutional Neural NetworksVerma, Karun; Kumar, Ravinder; Mittal, Sonia
1-Aug-2013HMM-based isolated and connected word speaker independent speech recognition using different acoustic modelsVerma, Karun; Kumar, Ravinder; Shagun
27-Jul-2016An improved Automatic Text Summarization System for Punjabi Text using Modified Features SelectionKumar, Ravinder; Mittal, Ankita
5-Aug-2014Improvement in Execution Time of Apriori AlgorithmKumar, Ravinder; Sonal
10-Nov-2010Improving Efficiency of Web Crawler Algorithm Using Parametric VariationsKumar, Ravinder; KethiReddy BhaskerReddy
12-Jul-2012Link-based Web Ranking Algorithms based on Weighted Graph Using Probabilistic ApproachKumar, Ravinder; Kamal, Preet
11-Jun-2015Multi-Pitch Detection with Gender Identification and Emotion DetectionKumar, Ravinder; Kumar, Navdeep