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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Sep-2007Analysis and Design of Materials Information System in DCW PatialaBansal, P. K.; Goyal, D. P.; Kumar, Rajiv
29-Aug-2017Analysis of Affine and Hill Cipher Method using Audio SteganographyKumar, Rajiv; Verma, Anil Kumar; Garg, Yashika
16-Aug-2013Cleaning and Recognition of Handwritten English Numerals Poor Quality Document consisting of variation in the BrightnessKumar, Rajiv; Sharma, Rupali
18-Jul-2012Cleaning and Recognition of Numerals in a Handwritten Devnagari Document Consisting of Roll Numbers and MarksKumar, Rajiv; Bansal, Kanika
25-Aug-2009Comprehensive Study of the Techniques Used For Online Handwriting Character RecognitionKumar, Rajiv; Kaur, Ramanjeet
18-Aug-2017Computing Techniques for Classifying Community Sensor Network DataMukherjee, Abhijit; Singh, V. P.; Kumar, Rajiv
29-Jul-2015Fruit recognition and quality detection based on different classifiers: a case study of AppleKumar, Rajiv; Varinder, Kaur
18-Jul-2012Generalized Solution to Fetch Information from the Cheques of Different BanksKumar, Rajiv; Jain, Nikita
18-Apr-2007Genetic Monitoring of Microbes in Soils Amended with Fly AshGoyal, Dinesh; Kumar, Rajiv
28-Jul-2015A Hybrid Approach for Handwritten Devanagari Numerals Recognition Using HOG Algorithm and K-NN ClassifierKumar, Rajiv; Shukla, Bhavesh Kumar
25-Aug-2009Hybrid Approach to Classify Gurmukhi ScriptKumar, Rajiv; Kaur, Antarpreet
1-Sep-2016A Hybrid Approach to Detect Text and to Reduce the False Positive Results in a Scenery ImageSharma, Animesh; Kumar, Rajiv
28-Jul-2015A hybrid technique to remove back-to-front interference in historical document imagesKumar, Rajiv; Singhal, Arushi
16-Aug-2013An Integrated System to Identify and Recognize Vehicle Number PlateKumar, Rajiv; Kumar, Ishan
28-Jun-2012Microalgal Diversity and its Role in Wastewater TreatmentGoyal, Dinesh; Kumar, Rajiv
5-Aug-2016A New and Efficient Technique to Remove Back-to-Front Interference in Historical Document ImagesKumar, Rajiv; Malik, Bhuvnesh
2-Sep-2014Quality of Service Based Vertical Handoff in Heterogeneous Wireless NetworksKhanna, Rajesh; Kumar, Rajiv
29-Aug-2017Rule Based Sentiment Analysis of Punjabi Tweets Using Vector Evaluation MethodSingh, Varinderpal; Kumar, Rajiv; Mehak
25-Aug-2009Segmentation of Touching Numeric DigitsKumar, Rajiv; Sharma, Keshwani