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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Aug-2017High Strain Rate Deformation Behavior of Dual Phase Steels: The Role of Martensite Volume Fraction and DistributionNanda, Tarun; Kumar, B. Ravi; Singh, Manpreet
26-Aug-2014Inter-critical Annealing of a Lean Composition Steel under Controlled Cooling to Produce Multiphase MicrostructureNanda, Tarun; Kumar, B. Ravi; Singh, Surinder
19-Sep-2011Mechanisms for Producing Ultra Fine Nano Grained Microstructure for Austenitic Stainless SteelsNanda, Tarun; Pandey, O. P.; Kumar, B. Ravi; Sharma, Pankaj
11-Aug-2016A new annealing route for industrial processing of dual phase steels to obtain improved mechanical propertiesNanda, Tarun; Kumar, B. Ravi; Singh, Virender
13-Aug-2018Processing of harmonic type DP microstructures in the given steel and investigating deformation behavior through tensile testing and also by modelling-simulation.Nanda, Tarun; Kumar, B. Ravi; Singh, Harmanpreet
19-Aug-2015Simulations for Pearlite-to-Austenite Transformation in a DP590 Steel for Improved Mechanical PropertiesNanda, Tarun; Kumar, B. Ravi; Sharma, Sandeep
19-Sep-2011Study of Mechanisms to Produce Ultra Fine Nano Grained Copper through Thermal Cycling ProcessNanda, Tarun; Pandey, O. P.; Kumar, B. Ravi; Rai, Mridul
17-Aug-2017The Synergistic Influence of Chemical Composition and Industrial Annealing Processes on L├╝ders Bands Formation in Interstitial Free High Strength SteelsNanda, Tarun; Kumar, B. Ravi; Singh, Gurpreet
13-Aug-2018To investigate the tensile deformation behavior of high martensite DP steels using nano-indentation and spherical indentation hardness testingNanda, Tarun; Kumar, B. Ravi; Jeet, Vikram