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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Oct-2013Design and Development of Algorithms for Converting Parallel Regular Expressions to Deterministic Finite AutomataVerma, A. K.; Kumar, Ajay
8-Aug-2014DNA-Based Cryptography Approaches Using Central Dogma of Molecular BiologyKumar, Ajay; Ravi, Gupta
11-Jun-2020Dynamic and Scalable Data Access and Integration Services in Cloud Computing EnvironmentBawa, Seema; Kumar, Ajay
12-Oct-2010Dynamic and Scalable Storage Management in Grid EnvironmentBawa, Seema; Kumar, Ajay
4-Aug-2016Effect of Rumor Propagation on the Stock Market Dynamics using Cellular AutomataKumar, Ajay; Vij, Priksha
17-Sep-2014Effects of Cerium Oxide Nanoparticle on Compression Ignintion Engine Performance and Emission When Using Water Diesel EmulsionSharma, Sumeet; Kumar, Ajay
10-Jun-2011Enhancement on Implementation of Multi-Prime and Multi Power RSA AlgorithmKumar, Ajay; Zareen
3-Sep-2008Fault Detection of FSM Based SystemKumar, Ajay; Kumar, Pradeep
24-Jul-2015Framework for Monitoring JMS based Integration BusKumar, Ajay; Palka
12-Feb-2018A Generic Framework for Improving Software Product Line using an Ontological Rule-Based ApproachKumar, Ajay; Goel, Shivani; Megha
14-Aug-2014Hardware Implementation of Image Steganography Algorithm for Security PurposesBansal, Manu; Kumar, Ajay
6-Aug-2009Hybrid scheduling For QoS in WiMAXKumar, Ajay; Garhwal, Sunita; Kumar, Sushil
17-Aug-2017Imprecision in n-Parallel Right Linear Grammar and its ApplicationKumar, Ajay; Mishra, Aatma Vibhor
25-Aug-2014An Investigation of Test Cases Generation from Activity DiagramKumar, Ajay; Gupta, Jeena
31-Jul-2015Investigation of Various Properties of Jumping Finite AutomataKumar, Ajay; Sharma, Shweta
3-Sep-2008Killing Same and Different Location Multiple MutantsKumar, Ajay; Jaiswal, Updesh Kumar
10-Jul-2009Mobile Agent- A Novel Paradigm for Data MiningVerma, Anil Kumar; Kumar, Ajay; Kumar, Harvendra
6-Oct-2018Model Based Intrusion Detection SystemKumar, Ajay; Goyal, Jyotsna
9-Aug-2013Normalizing Regular Expression by using Starred Trie RepresentationKumar, Ajay; Khedar, Jitendra Singh
16-Jul-2020On Some Aspects of Quantum Computational ModelsKumar, Ajay; Singh Bhatia, Amandeep