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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Aug-2017Analysis of the Off-line Signature Verification TechniquesKasana, Singara Singh; Singh, Gaganpreet
29-Jun-2021Development of Copyright Protection and Authentication Schemes with Extended Visual CryptographyKasana, Singara Singh; Kasana, Geeta; Kukreja, Sonal
10-Jun-2020Development of Efficient Techniques for Fog Removal from Digital ImagesKasana, Singara Singh; Kansal, Isha
31-Oct-2023Development of Efficient Watermarking Techniques in Medical ImagesKasana, Singara Singh; Bamal, Roopam
5-Nov-2021Development of Multiple Forgery Detection and Localization Techniques for Digital VideoKasana, Singara Singh; Shelke, Nitin Arvind
10-Jun-2019Efficient Algorithms for Image Denoising using WaveletsKasana, Singara Singh; Gupta, Rajesh; Paul, Ram
6-Oct-2021Efficient Classification and Soil Quantification Using Hyperspectral DataKasana, Singara Singh; Singh, Simranjit
30-Jul-2019Efficient Reversible Data Hiding Technique for Digital ImagesKasana, Singara Singh; Mehta, Rajesh; Chimpa, Govind Ram
29-Oct-2020Efficient Watermarking for High Efficiency Video CodingKasana, Singara Singh; Sharma, M. K.; Kaur, Gagandeep
13-Nov-2014High Capacity Data Hiding Techniques for Digital ImagesKasana, Singara Singh; Garg, Pankaj
30-Jul-2015Histogram and Vector Quantization based Multilevel Reversible Data Hiding SchemesKasana, Singara Singh; Kukreja, Sonal
13-Nov-2014Image Super Resolution Using Direction Lifting SchemesKasana, Singara Singh; Garg, Chirag
30-Jul-2015A multilevel hybrid chaotic cryptosystem and authentication algorithm for digital imagesKasana, Singara Singh; Verma, Vinay
12-Mar-2019Procreation of Energy Ef´Čücient Topologies for Data Transmission in Underwater Wireless Sensor NetworkSaxena, Sharad; Kasana, Singara Singh; Jindal, Himanshu
28-Aug-2018Ridgelet Transform based Robust Image Watermarking TechniqueKasana, Singara Singh; JashanJot