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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Aug-2011Investigate the Dynamic Performance of Renewable Electric Generation SystemsJain, Sanjay Kumar; Shakur, Syed Abdul
8-Sep-2009Investigation on Transient Performance of Superconducting Generator With Governor Control and StabilizerJain, Sanjay Kumar; Sharma, Devashish
12-Oct-2010Investigations on Static Controllers for Self-Excited Induction GeneratorsJain, Sanjay Kumar; Singh, Bhim; Chauhan, Yogesh Kumar
22-Aug-2012Load Flow Analysis of Radial and Weakly Meshed Distribution SystemJain, Sanjay Kumar; Makwana, Nirbhaykumar Navinchandra
25-Aug-2009Multi Objective Optimization of Power Dispatch Problem Using NSGA-IIJain, Sanjay Kumar; Dhillon, Javed
11-Aug-2010Multiobjective Optimal Power FlowJain, Sanjay Kumar; Yadav, Ankit
22-Aug-2011Offshore Wind Farms Integration Using HVDC Transmission SystemJain, Sanjay Kumar; Singla, Neha
25-Aug-2009Optimal Capacitor Placement in Radial Distribution System using Genetic AlgorithmJain, Sanjay Kumar; Sethi, Naveen
18-Aug-2010Optimal Power Dispatch in Deregulated EnvironmentJain, Sanjay Kumar; Kansal, Shivani; Sharma, Nishu
16-Sep-2011Optimal Power Flow for Units with Non-Smooth Fuel Cost Using Population Based MethodsJain, Sanjay Kumar; Mandahar, Harmandeep Kaur
19-Aug-2014Optimal Scheduling of Multi-Chain Hydrothermal System Using Teaching-Learning Based OptimizationJain, Sanjay Kumar; Charak, Prerna
19-Aug-2014Optimal Sectionalizer Placement in Radial Distribution System using Mutation Assisted Particle Swarm OptimizationJain, Sanjay Kumar; Bansal, Yashasvi
18-Aug-2010Optimization for Generation Scheduling with Renewable Energy SystemJain, Sanjay Kumar; Chauhan, Yogesh Kumar; Shukla, Ashutosh
28-Aug-2012Power Flow Analysis of System with HVDC LinkJain, Sanjay Kumar; Gupta, Surbhit
19-Aug-2014Power System Optimization for Voltage Stability Improvement through Genetic AlgorithmJain, Sanjay Kumar; Gupta, Priya
20-Aug-2012Simulation Studies on Dual Axis Solar Photovoltaic Panel Tracking SystemJain, Sanjay Kumar; Cheema, Sukhraj Singh
5-Aug-2015Solving Unit Commitment Using Priority Assisted Firefly AlgorithmJain, Sanjay Kumar; Kaur, Jasmine
18-Aug-2010Steady State Analysis of Compensated Self Excited Induction Generator Using Fuzzy LogicJain, Sanjay Kumar; Duvvuri, S. S. S. R. Sarathbabu; Nirujogi, Praveen Kumar
16-Sep-2011Sustainable Energy Systems with HVDC TransmissionJain, Sanjay Kumar; Taneja, Ashima
20-Oct-2009Unit Commitment Using Particle Swarm OptimizationNarang, Nitin; Jain, Sanjay Kumar; Puri, Vinod