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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Aug-2019Isolation and Characterization of β-glucans with probiotic propertiesGhosh, Moushumi; Chouhan, Divya
17-Sep-2018Mechanisms of the inhibition of biofilm formation by Sphingomonas spp.Ghosh, Moushumi; Parul
5-Nov-2012Metabolic and molecular insights on limonin biotransformation by Pseudomonas putidaGhosh, Moushumi; Malik, Meenakshi
12-Dec-2011Metabolic Responses of Enterococcus Faecium to Bisphenol A (An Endocrine Disruptor Chemical)Ghosh, Moushumi; Garg, Sheetal
22-Aug-2014Modelling of particulate adsorption efficacy of bioflocculantsGhosh, Moushumi; Singh, Sudhir Kumar; Kaur, Amanpreet
1-May-2007Molecular and Physiological Studies on Pseudomonas PutidaGhosh, Moushumi; Jain, Shivani
2-Sep-2017Novel Amphiphilic Biopolymer-Hydrogel as Time-Temperature SensorGhosh, Moushumi; Saruchi
22-Aug-2014Screening and Characterization of Microbially Produced Iron Binding ExobiopolymersGhosh, Moushumi; Singh, Sudhir Kumar; Sharma, Divya
20-Sep-2013Studies On Depolymerase Enzymes For Biofilm ControlGhosh, Moushumi; Sandhu, Shivreet Kaur
1-Nov-2011Studies on Microbial Prospecting for Exobiopolymeric FlocculantsGhosh, Moushumi; Pathak, Santosh
1-May-2007Studies on Polymeric Bioflocculant Producing MicroorganismsGhosh, Moushumi; Lchhawani, Pankaj
20-Sep-2013Surface Assimilation Of Phytoestrogens By Microbial BiopolymersGhosh, Moushumi; Sehgal, Shweta
4-Sep-2012Synthesis and Characterization of Nanocomposite for Surface Assimilation of PhytoestrogensGhosh, Moushumi; Jurangal, Tania
5-Oct-2023Synthesis and Characterization of Orange Peel Based Bio composites for Sustainable Packaging and Encapsulation ApplicationGhosh, Moushumi; Khanna, Kunal
28-Sep-2022Syringomycin and Levan Sucrase as Potential Virulence Biomarkers for Early Detection of the Phytopathogen Pseudomonas SyringaeGhosh, Moushumi; Savi Gupta
1-May-2007Transposon Mutagenesis of Gene Involved in Limonin Degradation in Pseudomonas PutidaGhosh, Moushumi; Sharma, Mirnalini