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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Oct-2018Data Embedding Technique for Image Steganography in Cloud ComputingBala, Anju; Singla, Surbhi
Oct-2011Design and Development of Virtualized Hybrid Architecture for Cloud ComputingChana, Inderveer; Bala, Anju; Sharma, Aarti
3-Jan-2012Designing a Business Application for Workflows in Cloud ComputingBala, Anju; Chawla, Ravneet Kaur
24-Jul-2015An Efficient Auction Based Resource Allocation Algorithm in CloudBala, Anju; Goyal, Richa
14-Jun-2022An Efficient Cryptographic Technique Using Post-Quantum CryptographyBala, Anju; Kumari, Saru; Dabra, Vivek
8-Aug-2014An Efficient Workflow Scheduling Approach in Cloud ComputingBala, Anju; Prakash, Vijay
11-Aug-2017Evaluation of Feature Selection Techniques for Software Maintenance PredictionSaxena, Sharad; Bala, Anju; Nanda, Sheena
23-Jan-2020Efficient Resource Prediction and Scheduling Approach for Scientific Applications in Cloud EnvironmentBala, Anju; Kaur, Gurleen
25-Sep-2015Fault tolerance approach for crash failures in cloud environmentBala, Anju; Kapoor, Rajeev
1-Sep-2010Fuzzy Techniques for Image EnhancementBala, Anju; Kansal, Nitish Kumar
10-Aug-2015Green computing approach to reduce power consumptionBala, Anju; Kaur, Parminder
23-Aug-2018A Hybrid Energy Optimization Approach for Home AppliancesBala, Anju; Kaur, Jasmeet
29-Jul-2010Image Enhancement using Fuzzy Inference SystemBala, Anju; Venkateshwarlu, K.
3-Dec-2020An Intelligent Energy Aware Approach for Big Data Storage in Cloud Data CentersBala, Anju; Arora, Sumedha
19-Apr-2024An Intelligent Energy Aware Approach(s) for Smart AppliancesBala, Anju; Parashar, Anshu; Kaur, Simarjit
1-Sep-2014Membership Set Based K_MEANS Approach for High Dimensional DataBala, Anju; Sharma, Varun Kumar
1-Feb-2013Multiple Correlation Cofficient Approch for VM MigrationBala, Anju; Singh, Sabina
14-Sep-2017Optimized Hybrid Task Scheduling Algorithm in CloudChana, Inderveer; Bala, Anju; Sarma, Pratisha
9-Aug-2017Parameter Tuning Method Analytics (PaTM) for Different Datasets Using Classification ModelsBawa, Seema; Bala, Anju; Dubey, Lata
28-Jul-2015A Probabilistic Approach for Fault Analysis in Cloud EnvironmentBala, Anju; Anu