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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Aug-2017ERA-AODV for MANETs to Improve Reliability in Energy Efficient WayBatra, Shalini; Arora, Vinay; Kaur, Baljinder
16-Aug-2017Genetic Algorithm for Improving the Mutation TestingArora, Vinay; Kaur, Rupinder
31-Oct-2018Job shop scheduling problem using hybrid ant colony optimization and genetic algorithmArora, Vinay; Patel, Arti
11-Aug-2017Modified Cuckoo Search Algorithm for Fast ConvergenceArora, Vinay; Pratibha
7-Aug-2017Modified Genetic Algorithm for Regression TestingArora, Vinay; Rawat, Anjali
23-Aug-2018Modified K-Means to improve clustering using Genetic algorithmArora, Vinay; Setia, Vandana
30-Jul-2013Practical approach for model based slicingArora, Vinay; Singh, Rupinder
24-Jul-2015Scenario Based Software Testing Using UML Activity DiagramArora, Vinay; Khan, Aamir
3-Sep-2015Similarity analysis of web crawled dataArora, Vinay; Garg, Parul
31-Oct-2017Slicing Technique for Test Path Generation in Concurrent ProgramsBhatia, Rajesh; Singh, Maninder; Arora, Vinay
15-May-2023Survival Prediction of Glioblastoma Patients Using Pre-Operative Brain MRI ScansRana, Prashant Singh; Arora, Vinay; Kaur, Gurinderjeet
3-Aug-2018A Systematic Review of Approaches for Flexible Job Shop Scheduling with Genetic AlgorithmArora, Vinay; Verma, Saryu
2-Jul-2012Technique for Debugging Incomplete Constructor Anomaly in Object-Oriented SystemArora, Vinay; Jindal, Mehak
11-Aug-2014Visualization of Deadlock and Wait-Notify Anomaly in Multithreaded ProgramsArora, Vinay; Jyoti, Aman