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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Nov-2018Cause-Effect Modelling of Crop Residue Burning on Urban School Children HealthAgarwal, Ravinder; Mittal, Susheel; Gupta, Sachin
11-Aug-2015Cognitive Abilities Assessment and Enhancement of Basketball PlayersAgarwal, Ravinder; Saini, Navjot
9-Sep-2014Cognitive Enhancement of Sports Persons Using Multiple Object TrackingAgarwal, Ravinder; Rawat, Jayesh
1-Mar-2007Comparative Study of CMOS Voltage Controlled OscillatorsAgarwal, Ravinder; Agarwal, Alpana; Chawla, Jayna
25-Oct-2013Design and Development of 89C51 Based Electrical Impedance Tomography SystemAgarwal, Ravinder; Saxena, T. K.; Trivedi, Udayan J.
13-Nov-2014Design and Development of AT89C2051 Based Acoustics Tomography ModelAgarwal, Ravinder; Saxena, T. K.; Nagpal, Hitesh
8-Jul-2016Design and Development of Electronic Tree Surveillance System for Detection of Illegal Wood CuttingAgarwal, Ravinder; Kumar, J. Sai Praveen
26-Oct-2012Design and Development of Low Cost Active Electrode for SEMGAgarwal, Ravinder; Gupta, Vineet
15-Dec-2015Design and Development of Prosthetic Arm for Above-Elbow AmputeesAgarwal, Ravinder; Kumar, Amod; Veer, Karan
15-Apr-2021Development Of Cognitive Skills Enhancement Model For Sports PersonsAgarwal, Ravinder; Aggarwal, Ashish
22-Oct-2020Development of Diabetic and Related Disease Identification System Using IRISAgarwal, Ravinder; Samant, Piyush
30-Jul-2020Development of Hybrid Ankle-Foot ProsthesisAgarwal, Ravinder; Gupta, Rohit
1-Nov-2016Development of low cost EMG data acquisition system for Arm Activities RecognitionAgarwal, Ravinder; Pancholi, Sidharth
30-Apr-2024Development of Speaker Recognition Model for Forensic ApplicationBhardwaj, Saurabh; Agarwal, Ravinder; Gaurav
23-Aug-2010Development of Strain Gauge Pressure Transducer up to 2000 barAgarwal, Ravinder; Yadav, Sanjay; Anuj, Kumar
21-Oct-2022Development of Surface Electromyogram Operated Exoskeleton for Lower LimbAgarwal, Ravinder; Sohane, Anurag
1-Mar-2007Digital Phase Locked Loop Interface DesignWadhwa, Sanjay Kumar; Agarwal, Ravinder; Saini, Pravesh Kumar
6-Sep-2013Ecological Validation of Virtual Reality Mall Cognitive Assessment and EvaluationAgarwal, Ravinder; Sohane, Anurag
7-Aug-2012Effect of Immersion on Visual Attention and Alertness by Comparison of Two Dimensional Display Environments and Desktop Virtual Reality EnvironmentsAgarwal, Ravinder; Chandra, Sushil; Kumar, Lokesh