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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Jul-2012Characterization of Lactobacilli Isolated from Indigenous Fermented Foods and Human Gut with Special Reference to Their Probiotic AttributesGanguli, Abhijit; Kumar, Mukesh
3-Sep-2014Characterization of Tannase Production by Lactococcus Lactis Subsp Lactis and its Potential in Enhancing Nutritional Value of a Composite SourdoughGanguli, Abhijit; Varsha
28-Aug-2014Development of a Geriatric Food and Evaluation of its Functional PotentialGanguli, Abhijit; Tandon, Jhilmil
20-Sep-2013Development of a novel fermented snack food having α-glucosidase, angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitory and other functional propertiesGanguli, Abhijit; Mukherjee, Arkadeep
17-Aug-2011Evaluation of Cholesterol Degradation by an Indigenously Isolated Lactobacillus Casei With Probiotic PropertiesGanguli, Abhijit; Sharma, Sushant Kumar
28-Aug-2014Evaluation of Phytoestrogens in Traditional Plant Based Herbal Drug Formulations and their possible consequences to the Gut FloraGanguli, Abhijit; Jain, Pallak
25-Nov-2011Evaluation of γ-Aminobutyric Acid Production by Indigenously Isolated Lactic Acid BacteriaGanguli, Abhijit; Bamnia, Meenakshi
25-Feb-2014Investigations on Sensorial Properties of Indian Black Teas Using Impedance Based TechniquesSingla, M. L.; Ganguli, Abhijit; Kapur, Pawan; Dhiman, Mopsy
1-Mar-2007Isolation and Characterisation of Starch Degrading Lactic Acid BacteriaGanguli, Abhijit; Aggarwal, Shalini
1-May-2007Lactic Acid Production from Food Processing WastesGanguli, Abhijit; Biswas, Rajarshi
25-Oct-2012Metabolic Responses of Lactic Acid Bacteria to Organo Phosphorus CompoundsGanguli, Abhijit; Kaur, Gagandeep
1-May-2007Microbial Risk Assessment of Citrus and Carrot JuicesGanguli, Abhijit; Mudgil, Sandeep
1-Oct-2014Microbial Transformation of Starch to Lactic Acid Derivatives from Potato Processing IndustriesGanguli, Abhijit; Seema
25-Aug-2014Microbiological and Functioning Quality of Organically Grown Fresh VegetableGanguli, Abhijit; Singh, Harjinder
1-May-2007Microbiology of Indian ChutneysGanguli, Abhijit; Bansal, Sunita
24-Sep-2013Pharmacological studies of chimeric opioid peptideSantosh, Pasha; Ganguli, Abhijit; Bedi, Simranjeet Singh
30-Sep-2013Preparation of a Cereal Based Food Product Containing Exopolysaccharides Using Lactococcus LactisGanguli, Abhijit; Randhawa, Puneet Kaur
23-Sep-2013Preparation of a traditional food with enhanced cognitive effectsGanguli, Abhijit; Batra, Vibhuti
11-Jul-2012Prevalence of High Risk Bacterial Pathogens in Indian Fresh Vegetables and Novel Strategies for Their InactivationGanguli, Abhijit; Singla, Richu
20-Sep-2013Proteolytic profile of lactic acid bacteriaGanguli, Abhijit; Kaur, Nippunpreet