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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Aug-2017Design and Analysis of Hypoid and Helical Gears for Modular Tandem AxleSharma, Sumeet; Gangacharyulu, D.; Sharma, Manu Dev
3-Aug-2017Drag Reduction in Turbulent Flow Using BiopolymersSharma, Sumeet; Gangacharyulu, D.; Prashant, B. Satya
23-Sep-2014Effect of Al2O3 / Water Nanofluid Concentration on Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Characteristics in U Type Flow Cross Flow Compact Heat ExchangerSharma, Sumeet; Gangacharyulu, D.; Kumar, Sandeep
8-Aug-2016The Effect of TiO2 Nanoparticle Blended Water Diesel Emulsion Fuel on CI Engine Performance and Emission CharacteristicsSharma, Sumeet; Gangacharyulu, D.; Singh, Rajwinder
11-Aug-2016Effects of Al2O3/ Water and Ethylene Glycol based nanofluid on heat transfer characteristics in Single pass Multi tube cross flow heat exchangerSharma, Sumeet; Gangacharyulu, D.; Singh, Amarinder
27-Jul-2018Energy Audit of Coal Fired Thermal Power PlantSharma, Sumeet; Gangacharyulu, D.; Kumar, Abhishek
10-Aug-2015Energy Conservation in BoilerSharma, Sumeet; Gangacharyulu, D.; Gaurav, Kabir
16-Aug-2017Experimental Investigation of Heat Pipe Performance at Different Input ConditionsSharma, Sumeet; Gangacharyulu, D.; Singh, Deepinder
27-Jul-2018Experimental Investigation of Heat Pipe with Annular Fins Under Natural Convection At Diffrent InclinationsSharma, Sumeet; Gangacharyulu, D.; Singh, Sanjay
18-Sep-2012Experimental Investigation on Thermophysical Properties of NanofluidsGangacharyulu, D.; Juneja, Mahesh
21-Aug-2015Experimental studies on entrainment characteristics of alumina-water nanofluidsGangacharyulu, D.; Bulasara, Vijaya Kumar; Dhawan, Nandita
5-Sep-2017Heat Transfer Enhancememt Using NanofluidsGangacharyulu, D.; Gupta, Raj Kumar; Yadav, Ritesh
23-Aug-2012Hydrogen Storage Via Sodium BorohydrideGangacharyulu, D.; Kaur, Arshdeep
16-Jul-2015An Investigation into Power Losses of Manual Transmission System Using Different Viscosity OilsSharma, Sumeet; Gangacharyulu, D.; Kumar, Rohit
11-Sep-2017Kinetic Study of Sodium Borohydride Hydrolysis Using Langmuir-Hinshelwood ModelGangacharyulu, D.; Gupta, R. K.; Sudan, Arushi
19-Apr-2007A Knowledge Based Engineering Approach for Design Automation (A Case Study: Rectangular Turret of Transformer)Subudhi, Shiv Prasad; Singh, Chanpreet; Gangacharyulu, D.; Dwivedi, Anshu
18-Sep-2012Methods to Determine the Best Practices of Automotive Fluids Drainage in End-of-Life Vehicles (ELVs)Sharma, Sumeet; Gangacharyulu, D.; Garg, Mohit
5-Aug-2015Parametric Analysis of Air to Air Tubular Cross Flow Heat Exchanger Using Computational Fluid DynamicsSharma, Sumeet; Gangacharyulu, D.; Garg, Lakshya
11-Sep-2012Preparation and Characterization of NanofluidsGangacharyulu, D.; Harkirat; Singh, Gajendra
3-Aug-2010Preparation and Characterization of Nanofluids and Some Investigation in Biological ApplicationsGangacharyulu, D.; Harkirat