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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Sep-2008Solid Waste Management on Thapar University CampusTiwari, Amit Kumar; Mittal, Susheel (Guide)
11-Nov-2009Relevance of Clean Development Mechanism and its Relationship with ISO 14001 in the Backdrop of Indian Environmental ContextTripathi, Vidhu; Mittal, Susheel (Guide); Mehta, S.K. (Guide)
8-Sep-2009Potentiometric Investigations on Cation-Selective Electrodes based on Macrocyclic and Acyclic Amides as IonophoresGupta, Nidhi Rani; Mittal, Susheel (Guide); Kumar, Subodh (Guide)
20-Aug-2009Determination Of Stability Constant For Different Metal Ions Using Sandwich Membrane MethodKumar, Ravinder; Mittal, Susheel (Guide)
23-Apr-2014Chemical Sensors Based on Pyridyl Ionophores for Selective Determination of Some Transition Metal IonsKumar, Pawan; Mittal, Susheel (Guide)
4-Aug-2010Esterification Reactions Using Zirconium based Inorganic ION ExchangersSingh, Charanjit; Mittal, Susheel (Guide)
10-Mar-2014Determination Of Lanthanides By Conductometry Using Some Sequestering AgentsMatharu, Komal; Mittal, Susheel (Guide); Kumar S. K., Ashok (Guide)
23-Nov-2006Investigations on Some Ionophore-based Chemical SensorsKumar, Ashok S.K.; Mittal, Susheel (Guide); Kumar, Subodh (Guide)
3-Sep-2013Potentiometric studies on neutral carrier based ion selective electrodes for aluminium ions : effect of CNTs in the liquid membrane electrodeSharma, Manisha; Mittal, Susheel (Guide)
5-May-2014Synthesis and Characterization of PANI/PEANI Conducting Polymers-Au/Ag Nanoparticle CompositesVohra, Sujata; Mittal, Susheel (Guide); Singla, M. L. (Guide)