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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2014Controlled scallop height tool path generation for 3-Axis vertical CNC machining of STL surfacesRajiv; Duvedi, Ravinder Kumar (Guide)
22-Sep-2014Performance analysis of ejector enhanced multi evaporator cascade refrigeration systemShabir, Faisal; Mittal, M. K. (Guide)
22-Sep-2014Design and analysis of fuzzy logic model for the control of compressor motor speed of an air conditioning systemJamwal, Vikram Singh; Mittal, M. K. (Guide)
19-Sep-2014Automatic NC toolpath generation for 3D sculptured features extracted from 2D imageThakur, Rahul; Duvedi, Ravinder Kumar (Guide); Kumar, Ravinder (Guide)
5-Aug-2015Parametric Analysis of air to air tubular cross flow heat exchanger using computational fluid dynamicsGarg, Lakshya; Sharma, Sumeet (Guide); Gangacharyulu, D (Guide)
19-Sep-2014Methodology for design and selection of components of 3-Axis CNC granite carving machine toolParmar, Vivek; Duvedi, Ravinder Kumar (Guide); Sharma, Sandeep Kumar (Guide)
27-Aug-2015Damage Severity Assessment in Ductile and Brittle Media Using Improved b Value Analysis of AE DataSharma, Amit; Sharma, Sandeep Kumar (Guide)
18-Aug-2015Experimental investigation of machining characteristics of Titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-4V) by using EDM processChib, Sunny Singh; Agrawal, V.P. (Guide)
19-Aug-2015Synthesis, Characterization and Mechanical Behaviour of Epoxy Nanocomposites Reinforced with Layered SilicatesSharma, Gaurav; Nanda, Tarun (Guide); Mehta, Rajeev (Guide)
19-Aug-2015Effect of Martensite Morphology on the Tensile Deformation Behavior of a DP590 SteelSingh, Vishal; Nanda, Tarun (Guide); Kumar, B. Ravi (Guide)