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Title: A Comparative Study of Performance of Memristor Based Logic Design Family and Circuits
Authors: Raturi, Vivek
Rai, Mayank Kumar (Guide)
Keywords: Memoristor;Logic Circuit;CMOS Design;Speed;Digital Application
Issue Date: 29-Aug-2017
Publisher: Thapar University
Abstract: Memristor is a passive component with variable resistance which depends on the amplitude of previous applied voltage across it. The application of Memristor in field of memories is not a new concept. Moreover, it can be used in neuromorphic, analog and digital applications. From many years ago, all the logic operations were performed using CMOS design methodology. The semiconductor industry is focusing on continuous scaling of technology. But the scaling in technology is on the edge of saturation level, therefore more scaling is difficult to attain. So the industry is shifting its focus on finding an alternative of CMOS technology for performing logic operations. One of the promising substitutes for CMOS technology is Memristor. The resistive switching characteristics of Memristor make it a suitable candidate to be used for logic implementation. In this thesis, the focus is on the usage of Memristor for implementation of logic gates. Two types of logic styles are considered. In first logic style, logic is performed within memory (IMPLY logic family) where as in other, voltage decides logic where memristors are used for computation purpose only (Hybrid CMOS logic family). Basic logic gates of each family are constructed and various design constraints that affects the feasibility of logic are analysed. A design approach to design AND, OR and NOT gate based on Memristor which provides better trade-off between area, power and speed as compare to both logic styles is proposed. A comparative study of IMPLY logic family, Hybrid-CMOS logic family and proposed logic family is also presented.
Description: Master of Technology -VLSI Design
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