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Title: Study of groundwater contamination by the leaching of fly ash in vicinity of Gguru Gobind Singh thermal power plant, Ropar (Punjab)
Authors: Choudhry, Satyendra
Mittal, Susheel (Guide)
Rajor, Anita (Gudie)
Keywords: fly ash;groundwater;uranium;heavy metal
Issue Date: 2-Sep-2013
Abstract: In the present study, contamination of groundwater in the vicinity of Guru Gobind Singh super thermal power plant Ropar (Punjab) was investigated. Coal combustion results in huge amounts of fly ash from which metals can originate and migrate to groundwater and pollute it. Fifty groundwater samples were collected from the hand pumps in an area nearby the power plant in equally from downwind and upwind sides to determining physico chemical parameters and metals contents in groundwater. pH and other physico chemical parameters of the water were analysed. AAS and ICP-MS were used to determine the metal contents. The results were compared with the WHO and IS standards for drinking water quality. The results revealed that iron concentration was higher in most of the samples collected from the downwind side. Zinc concentration was within WHO guidelines value, but higher in downwind side. Lead concentration was also higher in downwind side and at some places the concentration of lead was higher than the WHO guideline value. The concentration of chromium was also higher than the WHO standard in samples collected from downwind side as compere to upwind side. Concentration of uranium was also determined and results showed that uranium concentration was higher in downwind side and the maximum concentration was 0.05 ppm which was more than 3 times higher from WHO recommended value. In upwind side the value of uranium was below the detection limit in most of the samples. The finding of this study supported with wind roses drawn for the duration of the study period revealed that fly ash generated from coal based power plants are one of the main source of heavy metals in the groundwater in the area of in the vicinity of downwind side of the power plants.
Description: M.Tech (EST) Dissertation
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