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Title: Studying Mechanical and Physical Properties for Polymer Composite Material Reinforced by Metal Powders
Authors: Abdul Jabbar, Safaa Nayyef
Supervisor: Singh, D.P. (Guide)
Salih, Sihama I. (Guide)
Keywords: Polymer Composite Material
Issue Date: 25-Jul-2012
Abstract: This research covers reinforcement of unsaturated polyester resin, and studying some of their mechanical and physical properties. The samples were prepared by hand lay-out technique. The unsaturated polyester resin was reinforced by two groups of metal powders (Cu and Al) at selected weight percentage of (0, 5, 10. 15, 20 and 25) %. The study of mechanical properties includes the study of tensile properties (stress at breaking point, elastic modulus and ductility) and bending elastic modulus, impact properties and hardness. The physical properties include studying thermal conductivity for all the prepared samples. The results show a noticeable increase in values of tensile stress at fracture point, tensile modules stress at fracture point, tensile modules of elasticity, hardness as the weight fraction of metal powder increase and reach to maximum value at 15 % wt for both groups. Bending modulus is increased at all percentages of weight fraction of Al powder except at 5 %, it decreases slightly and also for all percentages of weight fraction of Cu powder except it increases in polymer composite for 10 %. Impact strength is decreased as the weight fraction of metal powder is increased for both groups. The study of physical test shows that thermal conductivity increases with the increase of weight percentage of metal powder for both groups. The agglomeration increases with increase of weight percentage for each type of composite.
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